• Four Short Metal Straws Plus a Cleaning Brush in a Cloth Storage Bag
  • Great for mixed drinks and children! We structured these reusable straws to be the best metal straws you can purchase for half 16 ounces Mason containers, however they are additionally incredible for most other child measure mugs and shakes or mixed drink glasses! Before we planned these short straws, our children were continually tipping over their beverages on the grounds that their reusable straws were excessively long. Furthermore, dental practitioners and pediatricians suggest a straw container over a sippy cup.
  • Our 6.25″ long, 6mm outside breadth (5mm inside measurement) straws have a 45° curve for drinking solace (and reward style focuses!). The engraved threading gives them that nostalgic plastic bendy straw look, yet they don’t twist. They fit in any of our straw gap tumbler tops, even daisy lids!
  • The 5mm inner width is best for water, juice, frosted tea, espresso, soft drink, blended beverages, mixed drinks, and so forth. For thicker refreshments, attempt our Safer Rounded End Stainless Steel Straws or Extra Thick Smoothie Straws.
  • Stainless steel is: Very solid and tough, wonderful, reusable and dependable, eco agreeable, dishwasher protected, ok for a wide range of nourishments and refreshments, rust proof, and break verification. Treated Steel is a standout amongst the most ordinarily utilized materials in the kitchen, used to make cookware, utensils, business nourishment handling and capacity hardware, and that’s just the beginning. Tempered steel won’t drain any synthetic concoctions into your drink like plastic can.

Incorporates 4 straws in addition to a top notch hardened steel and nylon cleaning brush.

Half 16 ounces containers are perfect for youngsters’ beverages and furthermore for mixed drinks! Guard your children from compound filter and serve your mixed drinks in style!

The most dependable approach to clean reusable straws is our straw cleaner with cleanser and high temp water. They are likewise dishwasher safe, or a fast wash may be adequate. You can likewise heat up these to sanitize them on the off chance that you need to. My own cleaning routine is to flush them after use, place them in the dishwasher, at that point run a straw cleaner through them and wash again before putting them away. My dishwasher typically gets them clean yet here and there leaves a little buildup so this guarantees they are perfect.

Prior to initially utilize, clean them completely with the straw cleaner and a grating dish wipe to expel any tempered steel taste.

Treat tempered steel straws like other metal utensils. Try not to give a kid a chance to move around with one, and please make an effort to remain watchful!

Short Thin Bent Stainless Steel Straws for Cocktail Glasses, Kids, Small Cups, or Half Pint Mason Jars, 4 Pack + Cleaning Brush

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Dimensions 8.43 × 3.07 × 0.47 cm





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