• YOU CAN BREATHE EASY ONCE AGAIN: Ultrasonic innovation spreads basics oils for diffusers more securely and completely than do candles or incense. Our diffuser delivers a fine fog to effortlessly fill any room, expansive or little. This outcomes in an increasingly vivid recuperating background. Moreover, the diffuser saturates the air. It is ideal for dry winter air as it opens up nasal sections making breathing less demanding. Fog agent gives you a chance to set it for solid or feeble mist.
  • RELAX AND REDUCE STRESS: Diffuses basic oils, experience better physical, mental and profound wellbeing! Studies show what our predecessors have constantly known – scent treatment works! Everybody manages worry in various ways, however basic oil fragrance based treatment is all characteristic and non-propensity framing. Utilize this to quiet down following an intense day at the workplace, or join it with the loosening up intensity of yoga to focus yourself rationally and spiritually.
  • ENJOY THE DIFFUSER ON YOUR OWN TERMS – UNIQUE TIMER PREVENTS WASTED OILS. Different diffusers expect you to turn them on and off, which implies you can overlook and waste those valuable scented oils. The diffuser has numerous clock settings: 2h/4h/6h/On clock with auto shut off so you can constrain the amount you use. Set it for 2hr when you set down to rest or when you’re unwinding with a decent book. Ideal for use in your room or your children room during the evening ~ sweet dreams!
  • WON’T DISTURB SLEEP OR INTERFERE WITH CONVERSATION. Calm task – Unlike a humidifier or cool air purifier that can make a racket, the 300ml diffuser works murmur quiet, with for all intents and purposes no commotion, which makes it perfect for the workplace or the room. The discontinuous fog turns out like an alleviating, vaporous haze of mending and relaxation.
  • PLACE IT ANYWHERE – SIMPLE, MODERN, DESIGNED TO FIT EVERY DECOR. Dissimilar to humidifiers or other fragrance based treatment apparatuses that have a machine like appearance, the basic oil diffuser is exquisite yet basic in its wood grain plan. It mixes in to for all intents and purposes any stylistic layout like a highlight piece. Ideal for the working environment, rec center, spa, kitchen or room. Our diffuser is additionally BPA free which implies it’s safe for use around infants and children.

Reduce worry with an all-characteristic, demonstrated methodIf you need an approach to clear your psyche, loosen up your body and improve your psychological and profound wellbeing, your petitions have been replied.

Our precursors spearheaded the specialty of scent or fragrance based treatment, and now present day people are awakening to the intensity of smell and aroma to mend the brain and body.

The 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser is an enriching blessing and ideal for carrying recuperating with every breath you take. Our fragrance based treatment diffuser fits for all intents and purposes any stylistic theme and is perfect for use in yoga studios, rooms, workplaces and exercise centers. Get one for numerous rooms and spaces. It’s likewise easy to work: just spot a couple of drops of basic oil into the water and trust that the machine will do something amazing.

Experience long periods of recuperating fragrance

Notwithstanding basic oil clouding, the diffuser saturates dry air, which can help with various breathing related issues – particularly in that dry, fall/winter air. It can likewise help in breathing while you rest on account of the convenient clock, which you can set in various augmentations.

• Features 7 shading cycle LED lights include style, improve state of mind and are ideal for sentimental commitment

• COMPLIMENTARY MINI USB LED LITE – Charge through any 5V USB port, ideal for perusing during the evening or for night light for the children’s room

• Unique better living item makes an extraordinary blessing!

In case you’re weary of being weary, experience the restoring intensity of scent with the basic oil diffuser.

Begin your adventure to better wellbeing TODAY.

Bel Air Naturals Large Essential Oil Diffuser for Home, Office & Bedroom – Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aroma Mist Humidifier – 300mL Tank – 17 LED Colors (9T, Dark wood Grain). 

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 7.52 × 6.61 × 6.5 cm



Bel Air Naturals








Dark wood Grain


Bel Air Naturals






Bel Air Naturals






Bel Air Naturals


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