• The treated steel straws are reusable, earth amicable, won’t harbor bacteria
  • Unbreakable, they won’t rust, split or move toward becoming scratched. Can be utilized over and over and again
  • There are 8.5 inch long, the size are equivalent to ordinary expendable straws. Fits all most cups.
  • Manufactured out of 18/8 treated steel. Non-harmful, BPA and lead free, no metal aftertaste.
  • 12 Straight straws for your best need, enough for your little gathering. Must-have for each home
Straws make it less demanding to make the most of your most loved beverages, however the plastic and glass straws effectively break. Treated steel drinking straws set is the arrangement and enable you to get the majority of the straightforward joys of drinking while at the same time setting aside some cash and driving an increasingly economical life. Accmor hardened steel straws set is the best straw in the market – Environmentally-accommodating structure, utilize similar straws for a considerable length of time, instead of squandering such a large number of plastic straws! More secure than glass or plastic straws that can break or are difficult to clean! These straws won’t harbor microscopic organisms the manner in which that plastic beverage straws do. Reusable, launderable, straws are indestructible, won’t split or twist! They are helpful to utilize, ideal for in a hurry, kitchen, BBQ, picnics, take home gifts, drifting too all around the house, or out on the porch! Accmor drinking straws are much the same as customary savoring straws terms of their shape and size. Our straws measure 8.5 inches length, 0.24inch external distance across. The straight straws are increasingly reasonable for your basic style. Tempered steel drinking straws are ideal for regular use and for engaging. The straws are totally nontoxic and free of BPA, so you can like offering them to your loved ones to utilize. After you have appreciated a beverage with one of the straws, you can tidy it up in the blink of an eye. We give both of you adaptable wire brushes that fit superbly inside to make it simple to give our straws an exhaustive scour and prepare them for next time. Accmor treated steel straws assist you with making an ecologically cognizant decision that is non-harmful, sans bpa and enduring. Treated steel straws are agreeable and simple to use, with no metallic trailing sensation they are the ideal alternative for drinking your mixed drink, ideal for kids or grown-ups. NOTE: 8.5 inch Straws are ideal for the 20oz container estimate! In any case, straws may NOT fit all drinking containers, eg, Yeti 30 oz.
Set of 12 Stainless Steel Straws, Reusable Metal Drinking Straws, Straight Straws + 2 Cleaning Brushes & Storage Box for 20 OZ Yeti RTIC Tumbler Rambler Cups(OD:0.24in)
Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 9.4 × 1.2 × 1 cm











set of 12-straight-6mm








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