VR Headset, KAWOE 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Compatible with Smartphone Size from 4.5”-6”. 

  • PROFESSIONAL:KAWOE VR HEADSET is not the same as the current items on the market.New asphyeric focal points are created by proficient optical team,with one of a kind optical design,clear screen and no vertigo.
  • SUPER LIGHT:We are yearning 3D immersive experience for users.KAWOE VR Headset does not just get a major enhance lens,only with more open to wearing band and less weight.The weight is 30% lighter than existing items in the market.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE:Following ergonomic plan on headband,it is composed with individual load system,which implies the entire weight would just scatter on the head.KAWOE VR Headset is with less weight,the headset does not cause any power on cheeks.
  • CONVENIENT:Totally appropriate for various gathering of people.No need to alter center separation with or without nearsightedness glasses.
  • FIT FOR MOST MOBILE PHONES:KAWOE VR Headset fits for all Android and Iphone between 4.7 to 6.0 inches.The VR impact will be astounding in the event that you have a major telephone with high resolution.

Why I need to purchase this product?


KAWOE VR Headset take you to encounter virtual reality and inundate in scenes of diversions.

Private 3D Cinema:

KAWOE VR Headset gives you a private cinema.You just need put your telephones inside KAWOE VR Headset..then you will make the most of your private time alone at anyplace and whenever.

360 Degree Panorama

KAWOE VR Headset takes you to another word just with a keen phone.No matter you need to go to a concert,race,party or virtual reality adventure,KAWOE VR Headset causes your fantasy to materialize.

3D Immersion Experience

Your cell phone can take you to another word with KAWOE VR Headset.it ‘s virtual reality, whenever, anyplace

Unique Design

1.Unique and Elegant Design:The entire body is outlined with bend lines,fashionable and elegant.It is additionally simple to be held while client is utilizing it. KAWOE VR Headset has been national utility model patent.

2.Transparent AR window:No need to dismantle the cover,AR work is accessible.

3.Unique capacitive switch with smooth control:In request to enhance the immersive sentiment of games,capacitive switch with reenactment of figure control is more agreeable and easier.

VR Headset, KAWOE 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Compatible with Smartphone Size from 4.5”-6”: vr headset controller, vr headset for 6 5 inch phone.

Weight 0.95 kg
Dimensions 7.99 × 7.01 × 4.25 cm

Wireless Phone Accessory


















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