Soda Sparkle Sparkling Water Soda Machine The Eco Carbonated Water Soda Maker, Black.

  • Small and minimal outline – versatile and advantageous to store
  • Fully recyclable and expendable CO2 chargers, no compelling reason to refill the chargers
  • Use for shining water, include our characteristic solid pop flavors, or make alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Perfect for gatherings, picnics and outside eating and in addition at home
  • Make more beneficial pop drinks

SodaSparkle Home Drinks Makers transform plain faucet water into reviving shining water in seconds!

Incorporates the machine in dark, 5 x CO2 Soda Chargers, 1L Bottle.

This starter pack incorporates all that you have to begin making shimmering water at home. Simple to utilize, essentially fill the included water containers with tap water, embed the CO2 charger into the machine, turn the best and watch – inside seconds – your level faucet water transform into reviving bubbly pop water. Add any flavors to your drinking glass to move pop water toward a shining seasoned and invigorating refreshment.

You’re certain to be the life of the gathering at the following social affair or excursion with the conservative and compact SodaSparkle soda pops producer. Since the pop chargers are expendable, the machine can without much of a stretch be taken with you. The chargers are anything but difficult to store and transport fitting into cooler packs and rucksacks.

Continuously be prepared and have a store of chargers convenient and at your compass. Since the chargers don’t should be refilled, essentially buy a 24 charger pack (sold independently) which can make up to 24L of shimmering drinks!

The SodaSparkle is a helpful and financially savvy contrasting option to filtered water and soda pops that you purchase at the shop. You utilize our water jug to shimmer your water again and again, so drastically cut down on plastic containers. Our dispensable and recyclable CO2 chargers are more vitality productive than purchasing bottle drinks. They likewise guarantee treks to the supermarket are more advantageous disposing of substantial containers to convey home. Also, each container of pop water is, all things considered, a large portion of the cost you’d pay at the general store making it an extraordinary treat for the family and your wallet! Bravo, useful for the earth!

SodaSparkle – Simply Sparkling!


Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 12.1 × 6.6 × 4 cm

The Eco






















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