Silicone Stretch Lids (7 pack, includes EXCLUSIVE XL SIZE), Reusable, Durable and Expandable to Fit Various Sizes and Shapes of Containers. Superior for Keeping Food Fresh, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe. 

  • FOOD COVER ENSURES FRESHNESS: Our best in class, impenetrable Stretch N’ Seal top set keeps sustenance crisp longer and forestalls spills. They fit specifically over dishes, container tops, and hot nourishment things themselves, helping you maintain a strategic distance from a compartment exchange. Autonomously lab tried for security, our licensed sustenance cover is 100% Phthalate, Lead-, Plastic-and BPA-free.
  • LARGE BONUS PARTY BOWL LID: We found the cover to coordinate! No one has a cover the span of our Exclusive XL Bonus Lid which separates us! With our Stretch N’ Seal top set available to you, you will never need to ask the irritating inquiry, “where is the top for this holder?” Our stretchy silicone covers are good with numerous compartment sizes, including soup bowls and artisan containers. You will never need to sit around idly looking for tops again!
  • MONEY SAVER & ECO FRIENDLY: Say farewell to the customary stick wrap and the zipper stockpiling sacks! Utilize our Stretch N’ Seal covers for compartments, containers and even specifically over sustenance things. There truly is no better method to seal for freshness than with our superior temperature and water-safe nourishment review silicone giving you the most impenetrable conceivable seal!
  • THEIR LONGEVITY WILL AMAZE: Our additional thick silicone covers are sturdy and won’t tear or twist. Simple to utilize, they can be utilized again and again and are dishwasher and cooler safe. Fundamentally decreasing plastic waste, they are a thousand times more eco amicable than stick wraps, baggies, or your customary containers.
  • CLEAR COMPATIBLE SILICONE LIDS : Why cover up new sustenance with a hued top? Our transparent fixing covers offer you a window to the new sustenance that is in your icebox. Moreover, they come in 7 flexible sizes, running from 2.8″ to 9.1″ widths, extending to a distance across of 12″. Moreover, you will love our Large Bonus Party Bowl Lid!

Introducing STRETCH N’ SEAL: The COOLEST, most VERSATILE top set you will ever find!

Where is the top for this holder? Stop asking…stop looking:

  • You’ll NEVER need to locate a coordinating top once more: get over that torment with STRETCH N’ SEAL multi-utilize tops with our silicone extend lids.
  • ENJOY the most impenetrable seal conceivable – happens best when the fixing surface is DRY
  • FITS specifically over dishes and sustenance things themselves, staying away from a holder transfer
  • FRESH, FRESH, FRESH! Keep your nourishment crisp for the following day. It a sustenance saver!

7 sizes in a single bundle to take out the issue of lost lids:

  • 9.1 inch measurement: stretches to 12 inch diameter
  • 8.3 inch measurement: stretches to 11 inch diameter
  • 6.5 inch measurement: stretches to 9 inch diameter
  • 5.7 inch measurement: stretches to 8 inch diameter
  • 4.5 inch distance across: stretches to 6 inch diameter
  • 3.7 inch measurement: stretches to 5 inch diameter
  • 2.8 inch measurement: stretches to 4 inch diameter

That kitchen cabinet with the majority of your covers and compartments strewn about…go the less demanding course with STRETCH N’ SEAL Lids for sustenance things of numerous shapes and sizes, not simply roundabout things. Need to put a top specifically over portion of a pineapple? Utilize STRETCH N’ SEAL. Need to put remains specifically into the ice chest? Utilize STRETCH N’ SEAL. Need to keep organic product takes off from those fruits? Utilize STRETCH N’ SEAL.

No better method to seal for freshness than temperature and water-safe nourishment review silicone

Extend N’ SEAL silicone covers are thick & solid and won’t tear

Extend N’ SEAL covers accompany a LIFETIME GUARANTEE

BUY NOW while they are in stock. They are SELLING LIKE CRAZY so don’t pass up having your very own set!

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Dimensions 9.9 × 9.7 × 1.8 cm





















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