Shun Premier Santoku Knife, 7-Inch. 

  • 7-Inch santoku cut (additionally signifying ‘three excellencies’) utilized for cutting, dicing and mincing
  • Features layered Damascus steel with a striking, hand-pounded complete (known as ‘Tsuchime’ in Japanese)
  • Hand-pounded complete diminishes drag when cutting, shielding sustenances from adhering to the blade blade
  • Premium pakkawood handle settles serenely into the bends of the palm and takes into consideration an assortment of agreeable and secure grips
  • Dishwasher safe; hand washing and air drying prescribed; restricted lifetime warranty

Styled after the great Japanese cook’s blade, this ultra-advantageous Santoku cut highlights a sharp 7-inch cutting edge that proves to be useful while setting up an extensive variety of food, anything from fine Asian to present day American. Utilize it to rapidly and easily slash, 3D shape, cut, dice, and the sky is the limit from there. Its wide sharp edge additionally makes it conceivable to scoop cut pieces and exchange them from the slicing board to anticipating pots or bowls. Generally, the Santoku cut measures roughly 12-1/5 by 4/5 by 1-4/5 inches.

As a major aspect of Shun’s Premier line, the blade includes a VG10 steel edge, clad with 32 layers of stainless Damascus, at that point angled for sidelong strength and mind boggling exactness. Its hand-pounded complete includes captivating visual interest, as well as makes an empty ground surface, which lessens cut drag when cutting and keeps nourishment from adhering to the edge. The blade additionally comes outfitted with a premium Pakkawood handle in a walnut complete, which offers an agreeable, secure hold. As a smooth and beautiful completing touch, Shun decorated its logo on the end top of the blade’s handle. The fantastic blade can securely go in the dishwasher, however for best outcomes, washing it by hand and giving it a chance to air dry is prescribed. The blade conveys a restricted lifetime guarantee.

From the Manufacturer

Gorgeous pounded complete sharp edge with PakkaWood handle.

Premier Series

Why Buy Shun Premier

Bringing to mind the handcrafting methods of antiquated Japan, the Shun Premier has the effortlessness and magnificence of hand-produced blades of old. Each cutting edge is made of VG10 steel, clad with stainless Damascus, at that point ground for parallel strength and unfathomable accuracy. Where the steels meet, a wavy line called a Hamon is framed – like when samurai swords are tempered utilizing an earth heating system. The striking pounded complete (“Tsuchime” in Japanese) goes about as a progression of empty ground holes, decreasing drag when cutting and additionally rapidly discharging nourishment from the sharp edge. The rich walnut PakkaWood handles settle serenely in the hand, and the Shun logo emblazoned on the base adds adjust and magnificence to the blade, regardless of whether in the hand or very still in the piece.

NSF ensured for use in business kitchens.


  • Blade center comprises of high carbon VG-10, a Japanese super steel known for its edge maintenance, enabling the blades to hold their sharp edges for years
  • Blades gloat a 16-degree edge, influencing these the most keen blades to out of the case; this is more keen than customary European cutting edges, which are normally honed to 20 to 22 degrees
  • Clad with 16 layers of SUS410/SUS431 Pattern Damascus stainless steel on each side for quality and adaptability; this metal is consumption safe and simple to maintain
  • Damascus styling adds to the excellence of the blade while the minuscule air pockets made by the cladding procedure decreases grating amid slicing
  • Hammered complete, or “Tsuchime,” goes about as empty ground depressions, diminishing drag when cutting
  • Comfortable oval handle settles in the palm and gives control, keeping the blade secure in the hand amid use
  • Pakkawood handles, made of gum impregnated hardwood, are NSF ensured for use in business kitchens
  • Produced in Seki City, Japan, the capital of samurai sword manufacturing
  • Rockwell hardness rating of 60-61 guarantees that it takes and holds its amazingly sharp edge longer
  • Hand wash and dry prescribed; constrained lifetime warranty

Detailed Features

Kasumi Method of Knifemaking

Kasumi is a customary Japanese style of knifemaking in which a to a great degree bad-to-the-bone of high-carbon steel is clad- – that is, sheathed or secured – with an outside coat of another steel. The fairly “gentler” outside cladding secures the internal cutting center. In Japanese, kasumi signifies “fog” and is purported in light of the fact that the outside steel can have an exquisite foggy appearance when contrasted with the harder cutting center.

Kasumi development gives an extreme blend of properties: a greatly sharp edge and simplicity of honing. This clad development is like how samurai swords are generally made.

Hammered Tsuchime Finish

In Japanese, Tsuchime (Tsoo-CHEE-may) basically signifies “pounded”. It completes two things: gives the blade a look that is reminiscent of the handcrafting methods of old Japan; and makes little pockets of air that go about as empty ground depressions to decrease drag and rapidly discharge nourishment from the cutting edge. Disregard’s stunning new Premier line includes a hand-pounded tsuchime sharp edge wrap up.

Damascus (Suminigashi)

Numerous Shun cutlery lines are described by the delightful Damascus designing on the edges. In Japan, this is otherwise called suminigashi, or ink design, in view of its likeness to the undulating designs made by ink in water. To make this style of edge, a cutting center of VG10 is clad on each agree with 16 layers of Damascus steel, made up of SUS410 and SUS431 stainless steel. At that point the sharp edges are dot impacted to uncover the rich, waved design.

Notwithstanding its magnificence, the Damascus has two purposes. In the first place, it secures and underpins the amazingly hard cutting center. Second, it enables the edge to skim through nourishment much more easily. You will discover Damascus cladding on blades in our Classic, Ken Onion, and Premier arrangement.


PakkaWood is a superior handle material made of honest to goodness hardwood impregnated with pitch. The pitch makes it dampness safe, solid, and sturdy. Sanding and buffing conveys PakkaWood to a lovely gleam wrap up. Similarly as with regular wood, no two bits of PakkaWood are precisely indistinguishable.

Professional Manufacturing

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Blade Material: VG-10 solidified Japanese steel cutting center, clad with 16 layers of SUS410/SUS431 Pattern Damascus stainless steel on each side, for a sum of 33 layers of metal.
Bevel: Double-beveled
Cutting angle: 16 degrees per side (extensive edge 32 degrees)
Handle Material: PakkaWood (sap impregnated hardwood); elongated able to use both hands handles
Sharpening recommendations: Weekly sharpening to keep up the cutting edge, honing as required with proficient sharpener or Asian-style electric sharpener
Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 16.1 × 3.19 × 1.18 cm























Limited lifetime warranty






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