Shiny Leaf Organic Castor Oil For Hair Growth and Eyelashes, Prevents Hair Breakage & Fall, Thickens Eyelashes, Natural Moisturizer – Promotes Skin and Scalp Health: 100% Pure, Cold Pressed, 4 OZ.

  • CASTOR OIL FOR EYELASHES: Catch Everyone’s Attention With Beautifully Long And Thick Eyelashes. The Mascara Wand That Comes With This Castor Oil Will Make It Easy To Apply The Oil On Your Lashes and Brows. Wake Up To Mesmerizing Long Eyelashes.
  • CASTOR OIL FOR HAIR GROWTH: Get Gorgeously Long, Strong And Healthy Hair quicker. No More Hair Loss, Falling Or Thinning Hair. Stop Dry Scalp, Dandruff And Split Ends With This Incredible Oil. Supplements In Castor Oil Penetrate Deep Into The Hair Follicles To Nourish And Strengthen Hair.
  • CASTOR OIL FOR SKIN: Healthy And Blemish Free Skin Can Be Yours When You Use Castor Oil For Face And Body. It Cleanses And Moisturizes Skin Effectively, Giving You A Soft, Supple Complexion. It Minimizes The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles To Reveal That Youthful Glow.
  • SAFE FOR ALL: Shiny Leaf Castor Oil Is Safe For All Skin Types And Hair Color. It Does Not Contain Harmful Chemicals And Is Sulfate And Paraben Free. Never Tested On Animals And Vegan Friendly.
  • PREMIUM GRADE: This 100% Pure and Premium Cold Pressed Castor Oil Is Produced Using Only The Best All-Natural Ingredients And The Highest Quality Standards. Hexane And Alcohol Free Extraction, This Oil Does Not Contain Additives And Fillers.

Shiny Leaf Pure, 100% Castor Oil

The herbal name is Ricinus Communis. Originating from India, this Therapeutic oil is about skin, scalp and hair wellbeing, and is known to thicken hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. This oil additionally treats Acne, and decreases wrinkles and scarce differences, and is powerful against cellulite with customary use.

Our quality frosty squeezed oil has no chemicals, substances, paraben, hexane, added substances or additives.

Multi Use Essential Oil

Shiny Leaf Castor oil can be utilized all over, body, hair and nails. It lessens scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles and advances recuperating wounds, skin issue and aggravations. Safe and hypersensitivity free, FITS ALL SKIN TYPES, slick and additional dry skin.

Utilize our Castor oil for general upkeep and REJUVENATION of your body and skin, making it delicate, smooth, sustained and adjusted, with a sound brilliant shine, abandoning it saturated. Utilize it for scars, sunburns and unending skin issues.

Store in a dull cool dry territory, far from kids.

Other Features

  • Long rack life
  • Vegan cordial and remorselessness free
  • Can be securely blended with serums, creams, shampoos, conditioners, other hair or healthy skin products
  • High centralization of Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Minerals. Contains 90%(!) Ricinoleic acid


Utilize the glass dropper to put a couple of drops to the palm of your hand. Apply to skin, face, hair or nails as required. A couple of drops are sufficient for your face and as required for hair and body. It assimilates rapidly feeling normal and light weight. No compelling reason to wash region after application.

For hair, eye lashes: Use the joined brush tool and administer a drop of Castor Oil, at that point deliberately brush the wand in the two bearings until hair/lashes are covered to flawlessness. Clean the brush with paper towels for next utilize.


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Shiny Leaf




Shiny Leaf


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Shiny Leaf






Shiny Leaf


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