Precision Sous Vide Cooker 1500W Low Temperature Vacuum Slow Cooked Burdock Machine. 

  • Precision cookware enables anybody to cook at home. Our Sous Vide Circulator is the ideal kitchen machine for unattended cooking of vegetables, meat, and so forth with steady control and precision.
  • Every exact cooking enables you to deliver results that are impractical with some other cooking strategy. There are no dry edges and no uncommon focuses. Squeezes and flavors won’t get away. The sustenance is totally saturated and delicate. Ceaseless temperature control gives dependable and steady outcomes without fail. Appropriate for vegetables, meat, natural product, cheddar, etc.
  • Easy to utilize – Simply interface the exactness cookware to any pot, include water, and place the coveted sustenance in a fixed or glass container. Simply tap on the catch on your gadget to begin cooking. Sous Vide Cooker’s clocks and exact temperature control enable you to unwind while cooking your nourishment. No extra gear is required.
  • Easy to clean – The separable treated steel skirt and plate of the exactness enlistment cooker make the kitchen utensils simple to clean and maintain.
  • Equipped with a straightforward catch control and computerized LCD show, it very well may be cut in any profound cooking holder or pot for simple cooking. Basically include water, embed the fixings into a vacuum-fixed plastic zip pocket and press to start

Product Specifications:

Temperature Min:Room Temperature

Temperature Max:99 ºC

Temperature Stability:± 0.01ºC

Power: 1500W

Course Pump: 8.4 L Max

Formulas counsel:

Steak-132°F/55.5°C, 6 hours

Salmon-110°F/43°C, 30-45 minutes

Chicken-140°F/60°C, 30 minutes

Eggs-140°F/60°C, 10 minutes

Method of task: mechanical

Timing capacity: 8 hours or more

Power mode: AC

Appraised voltage: 220 (V)

Appraised recurrence: 50 (Hz)

Item details: 220V European standard attachment, 110V US standard plug
















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