Periodic Tableware Laboratory Beaker Pilsner Glasses.

  • The visual and practical signals of a research facility recepticle are connected to a cutting edge Pilsner glass
  • Laboratory container style twisted lip, pulled gush, metric scale
  • Perfect for pilsners, ales, wheats, and IPAs
  • Each piece separately hand blown and molded. Slight varieties are normal.
  • Dishwasher Safe
Beer is about science, so for what reason not drink your lager out of a lab style Pilsner glass from Periodic Tableware. Occasional Tableware weds the lucidity of science with the craft of mixology, catching the response between research facility glass and current barware. The arrangement of two pilsner glasses are the ideal version to your home bar. Make a point to utilize them for your homebrews as well. An incredible glass compliments an awesome lager. Drink every one of your lagers out of the measuring glass glasses whether it is ales, wheats or IPAs. The glasses are dishwasher safe and independently hand blown and molded for an amazing item. The brew glass set is ideal for the homebrewer, lager sweetheart and science nerds throughout your life. Drinking from these measuring glass pilsner glasses may even influence you to look more intelligent or if nothing else monitor the amount you are drinking.
Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 10.8 × 8.1 × 4.4 cm





Periodic Tableware


Periodic Tableware




Periodic Tableware




Periodic Tableware


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