Neck and Shoulder Wrap – Natural Moist Heat Therapy for Muscle Pain, Tension Relief, Aches, Migraines, Headaches, and Arthritis – Instant Relief with deep Heat and Herbal Aromatherapy. 

  • SAY GOODBYE TO PAIN AND STRESS – In a world loaded with pressure, where you are dependably in a rush, self-mind regularly falls by the wayside. On the off chance that you are experiencing repeating a throbbing painfulness, you have likely attempted to disregard their impact on your personal satisfaction. Nonetheless, keeping in mind the end goal to be upbeat and fiery in this quick paced world, it’s significant to tune in to your body. The PhysioCare neck and shoulder wrap facilitates torment and loosens up the body normally. Snap ADD TO CART and begin dealing with yourself!
  • ENJOY PROVEN NATURAL THERAPY WITH A PLEASANT HERBAL SCENT – When warmed, PhysioCare wrap gives a profound, entering warmth right where you require it. The wrap is intended to assuage torment, for example, muscle solidness, soreness, irritation, joint pain, spinal stenosis, stomach issues, and additionally torment caused by wounds and sprains. To upgrade unwinding, the PhysioCare Neck and Shoulder Wrap contains a pressure alleviating fragrance based treatment mix of lavender, lemongrass, chamomile, and peppermint.
  • EMBRACE HOT OR COLD THERAPY FOR SOOTHING PAIN RELIEF AND RELAXATION – Heat and cool have both been used all through the ages to give alleviation from torment, and both work ponders. Warmth is a flexible strategy that facilitates pressure, uneasiness, stress, and agony, while giving profound solace all through the influenced zone. Chilly eases back blood stream to the muscle and encompassing tissue, which lessens aggravation and swelling quick and successfully. Simply warm the envelop by the microwave or chill it in the freezer.
  • SOFT AND COZY FABRIC WITH EXTRA TALL COLLAR FOR MAXIMUM COVERAGE – The high neckline and huge, bended state of the PhysioCare wrap expands the restorative impacts of warmth or chilly pack around your neck and shoulders, augmenting solace and decreasing agony viably. Appreciate help and unwinding while at the same time strolling, standing, or sitting. Apply focused on warmth to the influenced territories while you work, or cool your neck and shoulders on hot, bright days to influence your entire body to feel better.
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Have you been buckling down throughout the day? Has it been simply one more occupied and unpleasant day at the workplace?

Do you have old games wounds that keep erupting? Are your a throbbing painfulness getting to be insufferable?

It is safe to say that you are searching for an approach to wipe out torment and loosen up your body?

The PhysioCare Neck and Shoulder wrap is a demonstrated method to get free from torment and stretch, and recapture full versatility in no time.

✔ Immediate relief from discomfort

✔ Deep muscle unwinding

✔ Soothing and charming sensation

✔ Soft and comfortable texture with additional tall neckline for most extreme remedial scope

✔ Subtle fragrances of lavender, lemongrass, chamomile and peppermint for extreme unwinding

PhysioCare is the ideal decision to mitigate torment and accomplish genuine unwinding.

Try not to give the agony a chance to control your life. Treating torment with the PhysioCare Neck and Shoulder Wrap is a demonstrated common treatment, and to a great degree viable for a wide range of sorts of conditions and wounds.


Multi-utilitarian plan is suggested for:

• Stress, pressure, tension, cerebral pains, headache torment, muscle throbs, sore muscles, cramping and a sleeping disorder

• Chronic wounds, for example, joint solidness, muscle fits, and post-medical procedure recuperation

• Inflammation, sprains, swelling, and delicate tissue wounds

• Use on shoulders, neck, upper and lower back, tailbone, tummy, and chest

Box contains:

Minky Fabric Neck & Shoulder Wrap (15″ x 15″, 2.8 lbs.)

Minky Fabric Eye Pillow (4″ x 9″, 0.48 lbs.)

⏳ LIMITED TIME ONLY! – FREE BONUS EYE PILLOW! Just microwave for 20 seconds to diminish headaches and strain cerebral pains.

🎁 IDEAL GIFT for birthday events, Mother’s Day, commemorations, or Christmas.


With PhysioCare, you go for broke with our two-month, unconditional promise!

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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 11.2 × 7.4 × 3.2 cm

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PhysioCare Natural Goods


PhysioCare Natural Goods


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