Microwavable Heating Pad for Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain Relief | Herbal Aromatherapy | Hot/Cold Neck Wrap | Perfect for Headache, Anxiety and Stress Relief. 

  • ✅Herbal Aromatherapy: Subtle lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, and chamomile fragrances are discharged each time you warm the neck cushion, furnishing you with calming and invigorating fragrant healing while your muscles are loose by the heat.
  • ✅Cold Therapy: Alternatively, the neck wrap might be chilled in the cooler for a cool, reviving experience.
  • ✅Heat Therapy: Our Microwavable remedial neck and shoulder wrap is loaded up with warm engrossing mud dabs and flax seeds that warm and calm your neck, back, and bears with only a couple of minutes in the microwave.
  • ✅Unique, Ergonomic Shape. Substantial, strong feel: Our shoulder warming cushion folds high over neck and covers shoulders for most extreme benefit.
  • ✅100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Don’t love your warming cushion for neck and shoulders? Get in touch with us and we will make it right.

Experience quick and productive recuperation from neck or shoulder torment with the MICROWAVABLE NECK & SHOULDER WRAP by SOOTHING COMPANY. It is likewise ideal for diminishing pressure and tension.It holds warmth/cool for up to 30 minutes which makes it exceptionally advantageous to utilize. It is loaded up with common herbs and other sweet-smelling elements for hot or cool treatment (significantly more powerful than rice filled cushions). The delicate texture feels extraordinary against the skin.


✅THERAPEUTIC. The greater part of neck torment originates from spinal and nerve issues. Specialists may prescribe this to use as a treatment that substitutes amongst hot and cool for your neck. Warmth can accelerate the blood dissemination when it is connected to a territory and it can help decrease the soreness and delicacy that originates from a hardened neck.

✅PAIN RELIEVER. It is an awesome method to soothe undeniable irritation and shoulder zone that is caused by ceaseless conditions, for example, muscle fits and muscle firmness.

✅COMFORTABLE & RELAXING. You can utilize this microwavable neck wrap before doing any exercises that can aggravate constant wounds like muscle strains on the shoulder and neck. This warmed neck wrap is anything but difficult to utilize.

✅RE-USABILITY. You can utilize it the same number of times as you need, in addition to simple to clean.


Evacuate cover before washing. Try not to wash filling. Machine wash cover cool. No Bleach. Tumble Dry Low or Spot Clean. No Iron.


Heated Therapy. Heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Cold Therapy.Seal in a plastic pack and place in the cooler for 2 hours or more before utilizing.

Herbal Aromatherapy. Subtle lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, and chamomile aromas are discharged each time you warm the wrap, furnishing you with calming and reviving fragrance based treatment while your muscles are loose by the warmth.


This warmth wrap is best utilized for wounds or conditions that are not acute.

Weight 3.83 kg
Dimensions 11.54 × 7.36 × 3.15 cm





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CAUTION: wrap and its contents are hot! Please protect yourself and your loved ones by exercising caution and common sense when heating and handling. Please do not overheat the wrap! Heat only as directed. Overheating may damage the wrap. Initiate wrap heating in the microwave from room temperature only. The wrap must be completely dry prior to heating in the microwave. Do not initiate heating or reheat if the wrap feels moist or is wet for any reason. If the wrap gets soiled, clean the fabric with a wet cloth and allow to dry completely prior to use. Only the outer fabric can be washed. Do not submerge the entire wrap in water. Inspect wrap for damage after each heating cycle and prior to use. Do not use if the wrap is damaged. Do not use if you have neuropathy from diabetes or any other cause and have decreased perception of pain or temperature. If you have any questions or need assistance, please let us know. We love our customers and are always available to help.


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