Kitchen Art Egg Master Roll’s. 

  • State-of-the-workmanship cooking innovation for a quick, simple, and special approach to cook eggs.
  • Makes flawless eggs each time! Additionally makes French toast, pizza and Greek tortillas, and so on & Over 50 formulas available
  • The base of the item is separable and can be independently washed for clean purposes (patent pending product).
  • Kitchen Art was established in 1960, and we keep on proclaiming our “Kitchen’s Art Sense” slogan.
  • Won Korean Consumer Satisfaction Award in 2013.
[Product Comparison] Our Kitchen Art Egg Master delivers the best quality item around that nobody can deny. – Heat Distribution: New Heating Pad Technology versus Loop Heating Method Kitchen Art Egg Master utilizes warming cushions that uniformly disperse warm all through the cooking chamber for superbly cooked sustenance each time. Different organizations utilize loops that are too generally divided separated bringing about uneven warmth circulation and unevenly cooked nourishment. – Time: Quick Speed 5-6 Minutes versus Cooking Time of 7-8 Minutes Our warmth cushions warm up uniformly and rapidly. Our cooking time is quick since we limit warm misfortune however much as could be expected. Winding warming loops don’t disperse warm equitably and increment cooking time. – Coating: Triple Coating Technology versus Effortlessly Peel-capable & Thin Coating Our item utilizes a non-cement, warm safe, high temperature solid triple covering innovation. Our covering does not peel and is scratch-impervious to guarantee long utilization. Different items have coatings that can be effectively scratched and peeled off and blend into your nourishment. – Detachable Parts: Detachable Bottom versus Non-Detachable Bottom The base of our gadget contains a separable plug and cover produced using pressure innovation that keeps oil from dribbling out and takes into consideration simple cleaning in the wake of cooking. Different items have a fixed non-separable base that effortlessly gathers nourishment buildup. – Power Consumption: Energy Efficient versus Non-vitality effective Egg Master warming cushions utilize the most reduced vitality settings of 130W without yielding our cooking speed. Other items’ warming loops utilize something like 180-250W of energy.

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