Kalotart Jewelry and Puzzle Box 2 in 1 – Handmade Wooden Case with Hidden Key and Removable Compartments – Beautiful Classical Wooden Carved Jewelry Puzzle Box (All Purple). 

  • A UNIQUELY AMAZING MYSTERY CASE: Original and lovely this 2 out of 1 box separated from finishing your boudoir and protecting your adornments, it will entice you into uncovering its mysteries. A concealed key, mystery compartments, a progression of joined moves and steps…and there you go, it’s open. A question of established excellence, a feeling of secret from another time.
  • TOP CRAFTSMANSHIP – HANDMADE WITH CARE: This tasteful and fun loving gems/astound box conveys the insider facts of aesthetic Hungarian craftsmanship that dates as far back as the 1770s. High quality by a 75-year old Hungarian wood carver who has been gathering all the learning of his progenitors since the 50’s, with the end goal to make the best riddle boxes.
  • A GIFT IN A GIFT: An extraordinary, unique and contacting approach to propose to your darling one. Place the ring in the container, close and bolt it, offer it to your unique somebody, who might be content with the riddle box all things considered, and watch her as she endeavors to discover the best approach to open it. Presently, envision the expression all over when she opens the crate and finds the ring. An awesome, moving story to impart to your grandchildren.
  • BEAUTIFUL AND ORIGINAL DESIGN: Bearing as a top priority this is a gems box solely high quality and cut, you will be astounded at the fine points of interest and examples on each case. The carvings that are found at the best and the sides of this mystery box are one of a kind and can’t be rehashed. A delightful fortune box of incredible wistful value.
  • MAY I KEEP YOUR SECRET? : Unlock the riddles and investigate the mysteries of this great gems/confuse/toy box. Adaptable, lovely, extraordinary, down to earth and strange, your adornments box will turn into an antique of incredible wistful esteem, a loved thing that will most likely hold an exceptional, tenser, spot in your heart.

A Pirate’s Chest?

A mystery experience, a riddle to understand that will uncover you the way to the fortune. Maps with gigantic Xs, chests brimming with gold et cetera.

Here are the Opening advances:

1) Slide the front piece beneath the fundamental body of the case to one side, the extent that it will go.

2) Slide the fundamental body of the crate forward.

3) Slide and evacuate the board containing the key and expel the key.

4) Slide down and evacuate the brace covering the keyhole.

5) Use the way to open the container.

The outside size is 6 x 4 x 3 inch (15 x 10 x 7.5 cm). The internal principle compartment estimate is: 4.7 * 2.75 * 1.15 inch – (12 x 7 x 3 cm).

A connection of a video demonstrating to in detail proper methodologies to open the Kalotart mystery box:

A Wonderful Gift

Appropriate for everybody, child or grown-up. This flawlessly carefully assembled wooden riddle box will fulfill even the most requesting of your companions. A blessing loaded with beauty, style and obviously riddle.

A Time Traveling Sensation

A bygone eras update. A case encompassed by secret. A normal gems box as well as one who keeps your mystery safe. A superb, unique box, down to earth, helpful and puzzling.

You will get the Kalotart Jewelry/Puzzle Box joined by multi day cash back guarantee.

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Weight 1.54 kg
Dimensions 7.87 × 5.91 × 5.12 cm

Deep Purple


















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