JIC Gem: Polished Dyed Blue Agate Bookend(s) – 1 Pair – 2 to 3 Lbs.

  • Bookends: These are among the most extraordinary bookends accessible. What is superior to encompassing your ageless stories and books with an imperishable cryptocrystalline, for example, these agate bookends?
  • Remarkable: These are common formed stones and won’t precisely coordinate the show introduction portrayed in the photographs.
  • Chakra: Agate is a stone of quality. The?metaphysical and mending properties of a particular sort of agate depends, to some degree, on the shade of the agate. In spite of the fact that, agate has a specific topic in like manner; quality. The shading blue is related with the throat chakra and is thought to enhance the capacity to talk both truly and allegorically.
  • Purchase with Confidence: JIC Gem items are put through thorough investigation by people who have over 15 years of involvement in the stone, semi-valuable stone, fossil and ocean shell industry. It would be ideal if you be ethical to ensure your thing originates from JIC Gem when requesting on Amazon. In the event that there is any issue with the item you get, JIC Gem will gladly go to a determination most appropriate for you. Share!


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