Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo (Unisex) with Biotin, Keratin & Breakthrough Anti Hair Loss Complex – For men & women.

  • LOADED WITH ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – Natural concentrates and oils including Biotin and Keratin are improved with two exclusive buildings, 3HCTM & Amino Kera NPNF®. These buildings have been clinically shown to advance the body’s own particular capacity to fortify development and avert breakage and hair loss.
  • GROW, STRENGTHEN & PROTECT – notwithstanding invigorating development, this plan is intended to rejuvenate, reinforce, volumize and secure hair. Perfect for repairing diminishing, breakage and spilt ends.
  • GENTLE & NON-DRYING FOR ALL HAIR TYPES – This unisex cleanser gives delicate, yet successful purging for all hair writes; Natural Citrus/Lemon fragrance; Non-GMO; without cruelty; sans paraben; Made in the USA.
  • 3HCTM HAIR STIMULATING COMPLEX – This leap forward complex is involved an extraordinary mix of undifferentiated organism determined dynamic fixings that stumulate cells in charge of directing hair follicle improvement. It has been clinically appeared to decrease balding by 21% in only 3 weeks. It has likewise been shown to build the life expectancy of hair filaments and extend the quantity of developing fibers.
  • AMINO KERA NPNF® – This mix of Keratin-determined amino acids is intended for more profound infiltration than other Keratin-based items. It has been clinically appeared to promptly start to fortify and renew harmed hair, while saturating and molding at first glance for an inside and out more beneficial and more full appearance.

THE SCIENCE OF 3HCTM STIMULATION COMPLEX – Blend of plant-inferred dynamic fixings has been clinically appeared to animate development by advancing the multiplication of HFDPC cells, the immature microorganisms in charge of managing hair follicle advancement. It is clinically demonstrated to build the quantity of developing filaments, increment follicle life expectancy and counteract hair loss. In clinical trials of alopecia patients utilizing dermatologist led pull tests (clinical technique used to gauge measure of male pattern baldness), the investigation demonstrated a diminishment in male pattern baldness of 21% over a 3-week time frame.

TURN ON YOUR DERMAL PAPILLA, THE HAIR ENGINE – 3HCTM can fortify Human Follicle Dermal Papilla Cells (HFDPC), the foundational microorganisms that control hair follicle advancement. HFDPC are in charge of controlling hair length, thickness and speed of development. In only 48 hours after treatment with 3HCTM, hair demonstrated an uncommon increment of 71% in HFDPC cells.

ANAGEN VS. TELOGEN HAIR – 3HCTM has the one of a kind capacity to expand the proportion of anagen (development stage) to telogen (resting/kicking the bucket stage) hair, which keeps follicles in a more consistent condition of development. By keeping a bigger level of hair in the development stage and keeping hair from entering resting stage, the body will constantly energize hair development. After treatment with 3% 3HCTM a 31% expansion in the anagen/telogen proportion was acknowledged in only 60 days.

THE SCIENCE OF AMINO KERA NPNF® -Combination of Keratin-inferred amino acids intended for more profound entrance than other Keratin fixings because of its sub-atomic weight conveyance. It has been clinically demonstrated to give prompt & long haul fortifying. In lab tests, hair treated with 2% Amino Kera NPNF® conditioner demonstrated a prompt 10% expansion in quality (characterized as aggregate work required to break hair) versus fake treatment conditioner and a 41% expansion after 3 applications.


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Dimensions 6.1 × 2.4 × 2.4 cm

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