• Unique programmed work: The programmed wine bottle opener expel the plug in seconds with the press of a catch. Spare yourself time and exertion. Open up to 40 bottles when item is completely charged.
  • Durable and fasion plan: The wine electric corkscrew remover includes a tough treated steel lodging. The straightforward shell makes the whole stopper evacuation process visual.
  • Stylish blue LED light: The blue LED light enlightens when being used. As a charging pointer light, it likewise sparkles when wine opener is being charged and quits shinning when batteries is completely charged.
  • Bundled Wine Foil Cutter and Rechargable Base: The Cordless task with rechargable base make charging advantageously. The foil shaper can without much of a stretch strip the foil top from any wine bottle.
  • Warranty: 12-Month restricted Warranty and 100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee. We will readily address any request you have and understand any issues that may arise.

The EZBASICS electric wine opener evacuates stopper in seconds with insignificant exertion. It includes a tough hardened steel lodging and the straightforward shell makes the whole stopper evacuation process visual. A blue LED light enlightens the procedure and is additionally utilized as a charging pointer. At the point when completely charged, the item can be utilized to open around 40 bottles. This total set incorporates a foil shaper and a charging base that is anything but difficult to store and utilize. This exquisite wine opener set is an incredible decision for either close to home use or as a present for different events.


  • Electric wine opener with charger
  • Foil Cutter
  • User guide

How to charge:

  • Plug one end of the connector rope into the base of the rechargingunit and the opposite end into a primary socket.
  • Place the electric wine opener into reviving unit.
  • Blue LED squints when wine opener is being charged and quits flickering when battery is completely charged.

How to operate:

Make sure to charge your electric wine opener for somewhere around 12 hours before utilizing it out of the blue.

  • Place the included foil shaper on the highest point of the wine bottle top. Press the shaper, contort it with one turn.
  • Press down the electric corkscrew and it will begin evacuating the plug naturally. Continue squeezing until the plug moves up.
  • Push the catch on the best and the screw will discharge the cork.
  • Wait until the stopper comesout of the bottom.

1-Year Warranty 

The guarantee of this unit is a year from the date of first purchase. If you have any questions, if it’s not too much trouble get in touch with us by log in your Amazon Buyer Account > Your Account> Your Order > Contact Seller.

*Personal devastation and harm by abuse are rejected from warranty.

EZBASICS Electric Wine Opener Set, Cordless Stainless Steel Automatic Electric Wine Bottle Opener Corkscrew with Foil Cutter, Included Recharging Base. 

Weight 2.24 kg
Dimensions 11.77 × 8.9 × 2.87 cm















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