ETEREAUTY Eyebrow Razors Precision Sharpness for Trimming and Shaping Eyebrows Pack of 6. 

  • THE GENTLE, PAIN-FREE WAY TO SHAPE YOUR EYEBROWS. Simpler on you and your skin than culling, waxing or threading, with less agony and less redness.
  • TOP-QUALITY RAZORS. These razors include exactness designed stainless steel cutting edges for enduring sharpness, and nimbly bended handles for control and accuracy.
  • TWO SIZES TO SUIT DIFFERENT SHAVING JOBS. You get six eyebrow razors, three bigger and three littler heads to fit the distinctive points and forms of your face.
  • GREAT FOR OTHER SHAVING JOBS TOO. These are ideal for evacuating other fine hair anyplace all over and for trimming around your two-piece area.

Unlike culling, waxing and threading, eyebrow razors are a delicate and torment free approach to shape and characterize your eyebrows.

Not exclusively does it not hurt, it causes close to nothing or none of the redness that alternate techniques do.

Despite the fact that the idea may appear somewhat frightening on the off chance that you aren’t utilized to it, it’s extremely very simple when you have the correct devices.

These ETEREAUTY eyebrow razors are the correct devices.

With their long, nimbly bended handles, they give you the exact and fragile control you require.

The edges are produced using finest stainless steel, and the cutting edges are secured by plastic as far as possible up to the edge of the sharp edge to give sheltered, controlled shaving.

Every one of the six razors has a defensive cover for wellbeing and to keep it sharp.

To utilize these razors, first brush your foreheads so the hair is all in line.

Numerous ladies get a kick out of the chance to characterize their foreheads with eyebrow powder or pencil before utilizing their eyebrow razor, obscuring the perfect state of their temples previously expelling the hairs that fall outside that shape.

To shave, hold the razor at a 45° point to your skin and utilize a light touch.

You might need to apply a skin cream to the eyebrow region before shaving to relax the hairs.

You can discover heaps of recordings and articles about utilizing eyebrow razors on the web.

Not only for eyebrows, these razors can likewise be utilized to evacuate fine hair somewhere else all over, which enables cosmetics to go on more easily to give you a consummately prepped look.

They can likewise be utilized to evacuate stray hairs around the two-piece territory.

This ETEREAUTY item is sold with a full unconditional promise. In case you’re disappointed with your buy for any reason, get in touch with us for a refund.

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