Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner, Cordless Stick Vacuum with High Power & Long Lasting, Lightweight Handheld Vacuum with 22.2 V Lithium Ion Battery Rechargeable. 

  • Lightweight and adaptable: Weighing just at 4.7 lbs, less demanding than any time in recent memory to tidy up, down and all around. Still gives an amazing 7Kpa of power,providing a profound, exhaustive clean without bargaining on the maneuverability
  • 2-in-1 flexible: Easily change to a handheld vac at the pinch of a catch. A hole device and firm brush help cleaning of autos, upholstery, stairs, and other difficult to-reach spots
  • Multi floor capacities: Transition the power from hard deck to region mats and low heap covering with simply the push of a button
  • HEPA and wipe filtration: The HEPA filtration framework can secure little particles that different vacuums would basically re-flow again into the demeanor of your home; this keeps the spread of sensitivities and bacteria
  • What you get: HomeVac, AC control connector, divider mount and mounting extras, welcome guide, our straightforward a year guarantee in our shop

The Deik cordless vacuum has a general cleaning execution that beats most full-estimate corded vacuums – without the issue of a string. Contrasted with the upstanding business sector, the Deik upstanding vacuum has one of the most noteworthy geometric normal pickup exhibitions, dust stacked, when hard floor, creviced hard floor, and cover results are consolidated.

Cleans Up, Down and All Around

The Deik Cordless Vauum Cleaner offers the power you have to keep your cordless vacuum makes it less demanding than any time in recent memory to tidy up, down and all-around. With multi-floor cleaning execution, you can move from space to room, cleaning both hard floors and cover.

The ultra-light, cordless plan lets you rapidly clean high and low effortlessly.

Easily Maneuver Around Furniture

It’s steerable and makes moving around tight turns and furniture a breeze.

Multi Floor Cleaning Capabilities

Go from hard floors to rugs with the bit of a catch! While the discretionary trigger bolt enables you to clean bigger regions.

Removable Handheld Vacuum

Separate the versatile handheld vacuum to handle little chaotic heaps and tight spaces.

Upholstery Tool

Delicate elastic edges lift and expel pet hair and residue from couches and other upholstery.

Wall Mount Bracket

Disengage the convenient handheld vacuum to handle little wreckage heaps and tight spaces.


Demonstrate: ZB1516

Soil glass: 0.5L

Residue Collection: Bagless

Battery Power: 22 Volts

Battery Type:Lithium

Runtime: 25 minutes

Charge Type: Cord & Plug

Weight: 4.7lbs

Power Suction: 7Kpa

Weight 9.75 kg
Dimensions 30 × 12.4 × 5.77 cm

















12 month warranty.




45*9*9 inch


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