Clean Screen Wizard Microfiber Screen Cleaner Sticker, 6 PACK Bundle Cleaning Stickers (1 Large, 2 Medium, 3 Small) in Black- For Multi Size Screens. 

  • PORTABLE EASY ACCESS, superior stickers screen cleaner, intended to join to the back of the gadgets, ultra delicate, alright for screens. The microfiber cleaning fabric cushions/sticker is an esteem 6 PACK package, estimate is Multi Size (1 Large, 2 Medium and 3 Small). Each exclusively wrapped packed -to give as 6 isolate blessings. Supported with Moojou 30-Day – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • ATTACHES to cling to the back of gadgets without leaving any sticky buildup for little/medium versatile electronic gadgets, contraptions, cell phone, mobile phone, iPads, iPad Pro, androids, tablets, workstations, cellphones, any tablet screens, incredible size sticker for PCs, contact screen, camera focal points, channels. Built in Denmark, treat, clean, purify and ensure all sort of sensitive screens.
  • STOCKING STUFFERS, 6 PACK stickers separately wrapped.Affordable extraordinary present for under $10 cool present thought for cleaning hardware utilize indoor, open air exercises, outside games, wellness, sprinters, competitors, outdoors, climbing, shoreline, angling, chasing, a movement adornments, for class kickoff/for school, for family & companions, kids, take home gifts, birthday parties, associates, representatives, clients, occasion presents, for nerds.
  • SAFE FOR SCREENS, ultra delicate – Lint free fabric, hostile to static, non-scratching, non-grating, oil free, UV safe, quick drying, antimicrobial, mold safe. Evacuates fingerprints, oils, keypad engraves, grime, smears, dust, allergens, dust, dampness, sweat, salivation and wide range of germs. Unique innovation to allow utilizing just a negligible measure of water.
  • EASY USE, with insignificant measure of water, if necessary for smircesh, grime, and so on is without compound & reusable, essentially hose a Clean Screen Wizard microfiber fabric or sticker – if necessary with clean water ONLY (no cleanser), at that point wipe the screen clean with another launder Screen Wizard material from your kit

Clean Screen Wizard Microfiber Sticker Screen Cleaning Pad Safe for Small Portable Electronic Devices, Touch Screen, Tablet, Laptop Screens (Bundle 6 Pack Kit Screen Sticky Pal Large, Medium & Small)

What’s incorporated with this bundle?

  1. One (1) huge  2 x 2 inches (5 x 5 cm) Black
  2. Two (2) medium 1 ½ x 1 ½ inches (4 x 4 cm) Black
  3. Three (3) little Clean Screen Wizard Microfiber delicate build up free Sticker Cleaning Pad 1 ¼ x 1 ¼ inches (3 x 3 cm) Black

Mechanical Features

  • Develop in Denmark is best evaluated performance screen and lens cleaner pack alright for a wide range of sensitive electronic screens
  • Designed for durable connection to the back of little convenient electronic devices
  • Sticker Cleaning Pad’s glue is made to keep going long by absorbing the sticker warm water just (no cleanser). The sticker might be recovered for broadened use
  • Cleans screens free of fingerprints, oils, keypad engraves, grime, smears, dust, allergens, dust, dampness, sweat, salivation. Securely evacuates microscopic organisms and germs on shows from your hardware utilizing just an insignificant measure of water
  • Lint free, antistatic, non-scratching, non-rough, oil free, UV safe, streak free, with wick dry innovation for quick drying, antimicrobial, mold safe, ok for a wide range of fragile electronic screens
  • Reusable Easy to Use. The smooth dark microfiber side of the wizard sticker cushion is utilized to clean the screen. The sticky side enables fingers to hold the sticker. Surface for situation of sticker cushion must be spotless and free of oil, dampness, or residue preceding connection to guarantee appropriate adhesion
  • The sticker might be reused by absorbing warm water just (no cleanser) and being permitted to dry
  • Perfect present for business or individual utilize. Awesome for family & companions, stocking stuffers, cute gifts, occasion endowments, and youngsters 5 years old or older
Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 0.02 cm





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