Elite Cat Calm Advanced All Natural Calming Aid Relaxant for Cats Relieves Separation Anxiety Stress

  • OPTIMAL FORMULA FOR ANXIETY – Elite Cat Calm chewable supplements with every single common fixing that can enable felines of all sizes to feel more quiet and agreeable in any condition. Regardless of whether it’s apprehension or on edge behavior
  • HOPS FLOWER EXTRACT-advances rest and unwinding decrease pressure & tension
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Passion bloom Extract, Hops Flower Extract, St. John’s Extract, Beef Gracy Flavoring
  • REDUCES NERVOUSNESS – Passion Flower is a characteristic neurotransmitter that lessens the measure of nerve cell movement that happens when felines are in their “battle or flight” mode in the midst of stress or anxiety.
  • POWERFUL CALMER! – Hops Flower Extract is an all-normal narcotic mitigating fits and muscles in the whole body,calming gas, regurgitating and looseness of the bowels reflexes and giving your pet a general quiet feeling.

– ALL-NATURAL Cat quieting help chewable tablets for felines: help your feline to unwind in the midst of pressure or uneasiness. With every characteristic fixing, for example, Passion Flower Extract, Hops Flower Extract, St. John’s Extract, Beef Gravy Flavoring. Your feline will feel more quiet and safe. First class Cat Calm will dispose of apprehension that may go with circumstances, for example,

– Separation Anxiety, Travel Anxiety, Grooming, Vet Visits, New Visitors, Fireworks, and Crowded Public Places.

– Our item is ok for day by day utilize, and the dosage can securely be balanced with an extra measurement preceding an unpleasant occasion to help quiet anxiety. Tip top Cat Calm quieting help is an incredible relaxant helping anxious pets get the chance to rest less demanding!


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For Cat use only, not for human consumption


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