Cardioid Dynamic and Vocal Microphone Hard Case w/ Dense Internal Customizable Foam – Fits up to Six Shure microphones – Shure SM58 , Shure SM57 , Shure BETA 58A , PG48-XLR , PGA58 and More. 

  • CASEMATIX Rugged Shure Case Protects against Impacts , Drops , Dust and Dings. Cushioned Dense Foam Interior is perfect for putting away your Shure Condenser Microphone , Shure Cable and Accessories.
  • The CASEMATIX Shure Dynamic Microphone Case has a hard outside made of strong composite blow-shape plastic , while the interior Tri-Layer froth padding with Pick & Pluck adaptable layer for singular compartments can be made to fit up to Six Shure Microphones , or a large number of Musical Recording Equipment of your picking .
  • CASEMATIX Recording Equipment Case has a thick plastic handle for simple conveying , twofold hook locking joints and a space for obliging a latch for included robbery avoidance of your important Shure Foam Case.
  • Fits Shure Microphones and Accessories with Maximum Dimensions: 15.5″ x 11.0″ x 4.0″ ; The External Dimensions of the Case are 16.0″ x 13.0″ x 6.0″ and can be the ideal fit for your Shure Dynamic Microphone and Equipment.
  • STUDIOCASE is Designed to fit Shure SM58-LC , SM87A, SM57 , SM48 , SM58-X2U , SM58-50A , SM57X2U , PGA48 , PGA57 , PGA58 , PGA81 , PG48 , PG57 , PG81 , PG58 , BETA 87A , BETA 57A , BETA 58A , BETA 87C , KSM8 , KSM9 and that’s just the beginning – MADE in the USA – INCLUDES CASE ONLY DESIGNED BY CASEMATIX AND HAS NO ASSOCIATION WITH SHURE

STUDIOCASE Carrying Multi Microphone Hard Case with Dense Internal Customizable Foam

This hard shell case’s outside is made of a thick, blow-form composite plastic for predominant outer insurance against limit powers, drops, dings and other unexpected accidents that can come to pass for your high esteem belonging. Inside insurance comprises of a Tri-Layer game plan of two Convoluted Egg-Crate Foam Layers estimating 1.75″ each, and a Dense Pick & Pluck Foam Layer estimating 1.25″ thick. With the mix of a profoundly sturdy outside and thick froth inside, you can make certain your hardware has dependable capacity and insurance. The locking component obliges a latch under the conveying handle for keeping your gadgets secure.

Travel and Storage

This hard case is made for conveying various Microphones (6 easily) and is anything but difficult to transport utilizing its helpful conveying handle. Estimating 16.0″ x 13.0″ x 6.0″ in outside measurements, and inside fitting various microphonesand extras with most extreme measurements of 15.5″ x 11.0″ x 4.0″, this case is ideal for anchoring and ensuring your mics while voyaging.

Unlimited Customization

The three froth layers included within this hard case can be situated by your inclinations. It is prescribed to utilize one Convoluted Egg-Crate Foam Layer for the base of the case, while the Pick & Pluck and other Egg-Crate Foam Layers can be utilized either in the cover or for making 2 layers of froth with seperate mic compartments within the case. The Pick & Pluck Foam Layer can be left strong to make a froth obstruction, or can be culled to fit around your receivers.

Fits Six Multiple Shure SM58 , SM48 , PG48 , SM57 , PG58 XLR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphones and More

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 16 × 15.5 × 7 cm























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