All Natural Citronella Mosquito Repellent for Babies, Infants and Kids, Highly Effective WITHOUT Direct SKIN CONTACT, No Nasty DEET, No Messy Chemical Sprays, Plant Based Insect Protection Clip, 3 Pk. 

  • GENTLEST – DEET FREE & CHEMICAL FREE: While numerous mosquito anti-agents for kids utilize brutal synthetic concoctions or even DEET to ensure against creepy crawlies – causing tingling and other disagreeable symptoms – our ALL NATURAL recipe is delicate on touchy skin, yet very viable against mosquitos and other flying insects!
  • LONGER LASTING – MORE REFILLS: We know numerous normal child mosquito anti-agents just accompany a couple of refills so you have to buy all the more independently. We incorporate SIX refill cases (giving 90 DAYS PROTECTION) so your common creepy crawly repellent for kids endures a ton longer, without ordering more units in week or two!
  • SAFEST – 100% ALL NATURAL & PLANT BASED: We generally say, “On the off chance that you can’t articulate it, you shouldn’t put it on or close to your body” – so our characteristic mosquito repellent for kids is 100% plant based, making it one of the SMARTEST CHOICES you can make for your little ones. Each unit contains Citronella, Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils.
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – WITHOUT DIRECT SKIN CONTACT: No all the more stressing over the dreadful synthetics and added substances contained in many infant mosquito repellent showers, these INCREDIBLY VERSATILE characteristic mosquito repellent clasps can be joined anyplace – infant baby buggy, newborn child lodging, kids bed, kid’s rucksack. Additionally perfect for inside tents, pooch pet hotels, cut-out to waist bands, onto flip flounders or even your purse!
  • HAPPIER OUTDOORS, GUARANTEED! You’re getting something other than a simple to utilize, exceedingly successful, all normal creepy crawly repellent. We ensure the lovely Citronella aroma will stop creepy crawly nibbles and secure you and your infant while out on the town. So simply ahead and attempt it chance free – you’ll adore it or you’ll get a provoke discount of your venture – no bandy and no inquiries asked.

These all characteristic Citronella mosquito and bug repellent clasp ons are ideal for bassinets, newborn child baby buggies and children beds. Likewise perfect for puppy strolling, climbing, outdoors, eating outside and substantially more.


3x Empty Clip Ons

6x Refill Pellets

Refills are accessible separately. Simply reorder B01HCQHRG4 into the Amazon look box to discover them.

The MozGuard Mosquito Repellent clasp on makes a magnificent, speedy and powerful other option to mosquito nets for dens and is the perfect child bug repellent for your valuable minimal ones. Just clasp the all-characteristic Citronella infant mosquito repellent item to your youngster’s overnight boardinghouse guaranteed they’ll stay asleep for the entire evening safe from mosquito nibbles.

Disregard the sticky mosquito anti-agents for kids which contain various unpronounceable synthetic concoctions and unsafe fixings, for example, DEET. This all normal infant creepy crawly repellent is intended for use with (or rather than) mosquito nets for baby buggies, mosquito netting for quaint little inns repellent armlets, patches or stickers giving you genuine feelings of serenity and a safe yet powerful approach to shield your family and yourself from mosquito nibbles this late spring.

You can depend on the scope of eco-accommodating yet successful creepy crawly repellent clasp on arrangements from MozGuard.

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