Adam’s Ceramic Paste Wax – Ceramic SiO2 Infused Wax – The Most Technologically Advanced Paste Wax in Car Care (6.5 oz Jar). 

  • Fully Synthetic Paste Wax (6.5oz)
  • Apply Over a Ceramic Coating or Use as a Standalone Protection Product
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Properties and Increased Resistance to Repeated Washes
  • Lasts Up to Twice up to a Traditional Carnauba Wax Per Application
  • Made in the USA
Waxes, Sealants, and Ceramic Coatings all give your vehicle two regular things: security and a polished sparkle. When you experience a washing routine to keep up your vehicle’s condition, a standout amongst the most imperative advances is the thing that level of security you utilize. Waxes are most normal and the most “old school” technique for securing your vehicle. Sealants are more flexible and strong with regards to UV insurance and toughness, however they don’t generally sparkle the most splendid out of the two. Clay Coatings are one of the most up to date propels in vehicle complete insurance, pressed full with innovation and bleeding edge science to ensure your vehicle the longest, and sparkle the most splendid. Earthenware production contain Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) that solidifies as silica, the principle fixing in glass. This unique equation works extraordinary on any paint complete, however it is ideal for use as a topper over an earthenware covering, on the off chance that you have the inclination to apply a wax onto a covered vehicle. We get many telephone calls and messages inquiring as to whether it is sheltered to apply our Paint Sealant, Buttery Wax, Detail Spray, Americana, H2O Guard & Gloss, etc over a clay covered vehicle. While you can apply these items over an earthenware covering, they can bring down the conduct of the covering itself. This is the place Adam’s Ceramic Paste Wax fits into the detail procedure – it’s the ideal alternative for those that desire to apply another layer of wax assurance over an artistic covering, however it works astounding on non-covered vehicles as well! Adam’s Ceramic Paste Wax gives expanded detergency obstruction (greater strength through various washes), temperature steadiness (higher liquefying point), and more noteworthy hydrophobic conduct (more water repellency) over its normal partners. Since this wax is inorganic, this additionally makes it more uniform, as it did not depend on a normally determined wax. This Ceramic Paste Wax can last up to twice as long per application as a conventional carnauba glue wax.

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6.5 oz Jar


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