ZURA Clear Quartz Crystal Infused Water Bottle – 18 oz – Shatter-Resistant – Removable Crystal– Glass and Stainless Steel Includes Protective Sleeve. 

  • ALIGN YOUR CHAKRAS WITH CRYSTAL-INFUSED CLEAR QUARTZ Clear Quartz symbolizes plenitude. Enhances expectations, strengthens profound recuperating and development, killed and ensures against negative vitality, fits all the chakra energies.
  • REMOVABLE CRYSTAL BASE FOR EASY WASH. Glass water bottle is dishwasher safe, gem base ought to be hand washed. Made of Stainless steel and break safe glass
  • SAFE, PURIFIED, TUMBLED CRYSTALS. ZURA’s Crystal-injected water bottle contains clean tumbled crystals
  • INCLUDES PROTECTIVE SLEEVE. Nylon sleeve shields your container from harm, scratches and dirt.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Guarantees this will be your most loved no-chance buy. Rush AND BUY NOW while regardless we have a lot of these stunning water bottle in stock. Makes a superb present for any companion, family, or coworker.

Why precious stone injected water?

Everything is made of moving particles of vitality and vibrate at certain frequency.Because precious stones take a long time to shape, they bridle the unadulterated, hallowed vitality of the Earth and are known for their mending properties. Precious stones have a high vibration, and when injected with water, it retains this ground-breaking vitality which you drink – it’s a taste you can even feel! This purifies, resets and adjusts your vitality, keeping you adjusted to confront whatever the day brings you

How do I utilize my ZURA Crystal Elixir Bottle?

Pour crisp, separated water into your ZURA Crystal Elixir waterbottle and fill to top. Screw on the top, set your goal for the day and appreciate.

What is the jug made of?

Your container is made of glass, tempered steel and a strong, filtering precious stone.

Will my precious stone fall out?

No, every precious stone is anchored to the base with hardened steel and stays joined to the base of the container.

How much water can my gem solution bottle hold?

Your jug is 550ml and holds 18 ounces of water

Are the precious stones all the equivalent size?

Much the same as you, all precious stones are exceptional and may differ marginally fit as a fiddle and size


Is my jug dishwasher safe?

The glass bottle is dishwasher safe, however the precious stone base and cover ought to be washed by hand with all-normal cleanser and warm water.




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