Zakarian Pro for Home Sous Vide, Immersion Circulator, Precise Cooker by Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. 

  • EXCLUSIVE AMAZON BUNDLE: 1 Sous Vide Circulator, 1 Ring Clamp, 10 Large Sous Vide Zip-Top Bags, 5 Small Sous Vide Zip-Top Bags, 1 Recipe Cook Booklet with 20+ unique Zakarian Sous Vide formulas and a Time & Temperature Chart.
  • SIGNATURE RECIPE BOOKLET: The 20+ formula booklet has a “how to Sous Vide direct” made by Geoffrey and is loaded up with photography of each dish. Highlighted formulas incorporate ordinary family top choices to a full Thanksgiving dinner. The booklet’s Time & Temp Chart gives rules to cooking meats, poultry, pork, fish and vegetables and takes into account straightforward changes of customary recipes.
  • EASY TO USE AND STORE: This unit is to a great degree simple for anybody in the home to use with NO Wi-Fi or Bluetooth required and can be taken anyplace there is access to an outlet – think in the patio, closely following or a companion’s potluck. With a movable ring clip, the Sous Vide can connect to any profound pot or vessel. The ring cinch is additionally removable, settling on it the ideal decision for cabinet or restricted space storage.
  • PERFECT RESULTS: Precise temperature perusing from 41°F to 212°F. Unit works with or without setting the clock with the end goal to hold nourishment in the water shower for longer timeframes. Following the graph with max “hold” times, serve nourishment when you are prepared, as it will be arranged expertly to your coveted doneness and won’t overcook.
  • WARRANTY: The Zakarian Pro For Home Sous Vide accompanies a 1-year maker’s warranty.

Why Sous Vide

Press Chef Geoffrey Zakarian is conveying an ace cook strategy to your home kitchen with his Pro For Home Sous Vide Immersion Circulator. Sous Vide cooking is quite commended among culinary specialists and broadly utilized in eateries around the globe for its exactness, accuracy and steady accomplishment by delivering to a great degree delightful, damp nourishment. Its straightforward innovation enables a home cook to get genuinely proficient outcomes, with less waste and less danger of over cooking or destroying fixings.

About The Zakarian Pro For Home Sous Vide

The unit estimates 3.75″W x 14.5″H x 4″L, is 800 watts and requires 120 VAC. Included with the Zakarian Sous Vide, you will get 15 Sous Vide packs (10 Gallon and 5 Quart), a 64 page signature formula booklet with 20+ formulas going from regular works of art to a substantial occasion feast, Sous Vide tips from Geoffrey and a Time & Temperature cooking outline for vegetables, meat, poultry, pork and fish. The included Sous Vide zip-top sacks are BPA Free and made of hard core FDA sustenance review PE+PA material. The unit accompanies a 1-year producer’s guarantee.

How It Works

1. Join unit to any pot or vessel loaded up with water.

2. Unit warms water to the temperature you set.

3. Place your fixings in a zip-top sack with wanted seasonings and lower in to the water shower.

4. Cook for indicated time dependent on vegetable or protein compose. (Utilize included outline)

5. Hazard for overcooking is killed on the grounds that the sustenance never gets warmed past the temperature that you indicate on the unit.

6. No nutrients, supplements or flavor are lost in the cooking procedure as the Sous Vide strategy keeps everything secured.

7. Tidy up and mess are limited, as you basically discard the sack.

8. Nourishment tastes as though professionally prepared.

Weight 4.44 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 8.5 × 4.61 cm

















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