Worx WG575.1 AIR 32V Cordless Battery-Powered Leaf Blower/Sweeper with Accessory Attachments and Bag. 

  • Create and keep up a CLEANZONE in and around your home, no rancid fumes.
  • Ultra-lightweight, smaller outline, simple to utilize and simple to store.Bonus Deflator Attachment – effortlessly collapse pontoons, pool toys & mattresses.
  • 120 mph velocity with 80 cfm wind current, at just 4 lbs.
  • Includes 8 imaginative connections for a wide assortment of tidy up or blowing up/flattening tasks
  • 32-Volt MaxLithium Battery gives longer runtime, no release or memory effect
Create a Clean Zone by cleaning and clearing around objects without moving a thing!
Clean, Clear, and Maintain a Clean Zone

85 percent of the soil in your house is followed, blown, or conveyed in from passage focuses like your carport, deck, yard, or workshop. The WORX AIR is a multi-reason blower with eight helpful connections to make a perfect zone around the passage focuses to your home. With the WORX AIR, tidy up is simpler and quicker when you don’t need to move a solitary thing. The 32-volt MAX Lithium battery surrenders you cordless clean with no rank fumes or tangled cords.

WORXAIR: Move the Dirt, Not Your Stuff
  • Ultra lightweight and smaller to fit and go anyplace around the home, auto, RV, or watercraft
  • Use to perfect, clear, clear, brush, expand, collapse, dry, and make a spotless zone
  • Cordless comfort with the effective 32-volt MAX lithium battery
  • Includes 9 connections to overwhelm and clear flotsam and jetsam around the home
  • 120 mph velocity with 80 cfm wind stream, and just 3.8 lbs
Not only for the home! Use in the auto, truck, RV or vessel to detail perfect or dry to counteract spotting
Multi-Purpose Blower and Cleaner System

The WORX AIR accompanies nine connections to enable clean, to clear, clear, tidy, expand, collapse, and even dry a wide range of things in and around your home, auto, watercraft, or RV. Make that perfect zone anyplace with a variety of spouts and connections to enable you to move the earth and not your stuff.

  1. The Long Tube is the ideal connection for clearing flotsam and jetsam from carport floors, decks, yards, and patios. The tubes longer plan and thin opening takes into account more focused blowing without twisting around. It is awesome for coming to under and around objects.
  2. The Dust Brush is awesome for evacuating dust and flotsam and jetsam in difficult to-achieve cavities. The 90 degree wand with digitally embellish clears spider webs in corners of the patio, carport, or workshop. It is likewise helpful for cleaning sliding entryway and window outline tracks; dislodging soil and tidy from wrinkles in porch furniture pads; and cleaning recessed and difficult to-achieve zones in RVs, vans, watercraft frames and then some.
  3. The Short Tube has a thickset air gun perfect for speedy cleanups. Its concentrated air shoot gets out clean and flotsam and jetsam from campers, lodge tents, pontoon frame compartments, table tops, screened-in patios, yard steps, carport floors and the sky is the limit from there.
  4. Use the Extension Hose to join different spouts where adaptability is required in tight or difficult to-achieve territories. The expansion hose, when joined to the inflator spout or deflator cone, makes it simpler to move while blowing up or emptying sleeping cushions, play toys, and water toys.
  5. The Dust Nozzle is ideal for nitty gritty tidy clearing of difficult to-achieve territories. Joined to the augmentation hose, it is adaptable for clearing workshop drawers, device seats, and around tight territories in the auto, vessel, or RV.
  6. The Detail Brush is another connection to use with the adaptable hose. Utilize it for driving dust out of PC consoles, radio controlled things, printer lodgings, speakers, car dashboards, make ventures and other difficult to-achieve delicate territories. It likewise expels tidy from channels in shop vacs and bagless vacuum cleaners.
  7. The Wand or Wide Nozzle is roughly the width of a kitchen tidy dish. It sends a bit of packed air through its thin opening, working like an air floor brush to clear clean and flotsam and jetsam. It additionally fills in as a helpful drying instrument to send a shade of air over windshields, sliding glass entryways, windows and different zones.
  8. Save your breath and utilize the Inflator Nozzle to send a surge of concentrated air for inflatables or to expel tidy from PC lodgings or workstation motherboards. It is likewise blows tidy from motor parts preceding establishment. The Inflator Nozzle has a long thin shape to fit into inflatables and rapidly expand without air misfortune while blowing up pneumatic beds, pool glides, water toys and different inflatables around the house, watercraft, RV, or pool.
  9. The Deflator Cover can rapidly flatten inflatables for less demanding and minimized stockpiling. The Deflation Cover can be utilized as a part of blend with the Extension Hose and Dust Tube and additionally Inflator Nozzle.
The Extension Hose takes into consideration greater flexiblility to utilize the blower in difficult to-achieve regions
Clean In Between without Moving a Thing!

It is a ultra-quick cleaning framework since you don’t have to move a solitary thing! Utilizing a sweeper, moving articles is essential with a specific end goal to clear around or under them. With the WORX AIR, the blower can blow flotsam and jetsam from around or under items. No compelling reason to move the auto to clear the carport, and no compelling reason to move the yard furniture. The WORX AIR can blow flotsam and jetsam from under items in the carport and yard without ceasing to move the carport instruments or porch furniture making clearing significantly speedier. Keep in mind, keeping a spotless zone around the outside of the home can keep inside floors much more clean. Keeping up a perfect carport, workshop, and outside home will decrease general inside cleaning time. The WORX AIR multi-reason blower, cleaner and clearer implies not so much work but rather more time doing the things you need to do.

The WORX AIR accompanies a rechargeable 32-volt MAX lithium battery. Charge the battery whenever and it will be prepared when you require it with no release or memory impact. The normal runtime can be up to 20 minutes or more(depending on connections) giving you a lot of time to make the perfect zone around your home. The MAX lithium battery can energize in up to 3 hours. With the 120 mph velocity, the WORX AIR effortlessly blows dry flotsam and jetsam from hard surfaces, for example, decks, porches, walkways, carports, and workshops. At under 3.8 pounds, the WORX AIR can run with you anyplace. Take it in the RV, the pontoon, or the auto wherever you need to make a spotless zone or need to expand pontoons, beddings, or toys.

Weight 7.7 kg
Dimensions 20.15 × 8.35 × 7.25 cm









Lawn & Patio


Positec/Worx – Lawn & Garden






battery included


Positec/Worx – Lawn & Garden


Positec/Worx – Lawn & Garden


3-Year Warranty








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