WHOOSH! Award-Wining Screen Cleaner – Safe for All Screens – Smartphones, iPads, Eyeglasses, Kindle, LED, LCD & TVs – Includes 2 Bottles 3.4oz,0.3.oz +2 Premium Antimicrobial Cloths – Amazon Pack. 

  • POWERFUL SCREEN CLEANER – WHOOSH! Screen Shine is a ground-breaking, non-poisonous screen cleaner splash that cleans and cleans all screens, from cell phones to shopper electronics.
  • NON-TOXIC & ODORLESS – Screen Shine is protected to use at home, at work, or out and about. It is non-harmful and scentless, making it alright for you, your family, and our condition. In addition, it’s liquor and smelling salts free.
  • SAFE FOR ALL SCREENS – Screen Shine is particularly intended to spotless, clean, and secure any mobile phone screen and electronic gadget. There are no fixings that will engraving, scratch, or harm any screen or device.
  • MAKES YOUR SCREEN 99.99% CLEANER – Scientifically demonstrated to leave your screen surface 99.99% clean of residue, soil, oil and gunk. That is truly clean!
  • NOW WITH A NEW BOTTLE , IMPROVED PACKAGING AND REDUCED PRICE – Leak Free Bottle ,enhanced bundling for online shipments . Incorporates 3.4oz + 0.3oz containers + Two 6′ x 6′ materials .

Ideal for day by day use on glasses and any gadget or screen compose, Screen Shine by WHOOSH! is the ideal screen-cleaning specialist. Screen Shine is a non-dangerous, unrivaled, and intense cleaner that is particularly intended to clean and clean the screen of any electronic gadget. Safe to use around the house, at the workplace, or in a hurry, this screen cleaner is scentless, liquor free, smelling salts free, against static, cloudiness free, and without streak. It very well may be utilized on cell phones, HDTVs, PC screens, TV screens, eyeglasses, shades, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is really the Next Generation of Clean. Screen Shine is driving the Tech Hygiene Movement while upsetting how the world keeps advanced gadgets, screens devices, and apparatus spotless and cleaned. The exclusive recipe has been particularly intended to perfect, clean, and secure any cell phone, screen, or electronic gadget. There are no fixings that can scratch, engraving, or harm the gadget or the screen. When you clean the screen, the activity of WHOOSH! Screen Shine goes to work to secure it. Our exclusive, naturally well disposed recipe leaves an infinitesimal thin, against static, and imperceptible covering that opposes and repulses smears, residue and oils. This keeps your screen seeming much cleaner for longer timeframes.

This unscented and non-harmful screen cleaner is protected to use at home, at the workplace, and around your family and pets. It tends to be utilized on every single electronic gadget and any sort of eyeglasses. This bundle incorporates (2) jugs of Screen Shine – (1) 3.4 FL OZ/100mL jug that is ideal for your home, work area, or office and (1) 0.3 FL OZ/8mL container that fits serenely into your PC sack or tote. It additionally accompanies (2) W! antimicrobial microfiber fabrics that won’t scratch or mischief your screen. For the individuals who have been searching for the most exceptional and screen-accommodating screen cleaner accessible today, include WHOOSH! Screen Shine to your Amazon.com shopping basket – today!

Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 6.22 × 2.83 × 2.13 cm





Whoosh cannot be held responsible for damage on screens that contain manufacture defects.




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