The enamel whitening system is supplied with high-efficiency and high-power blue LED lights. might emit particular wavelength, the sunshine irradiate a particular whitening agent which is utilized on the floor of the enamel in order that enamel turn into whitening.

Excessive effectivity goose pipe design, Freely to regulate to any angle place.

Excessive delicate infrared distant management setting operate. You possibly can remotely management it. Excessive Pace Multi-Arch Enamel Whitening System. Digital indicator with audio suggestions.

Dental Cell Enamel Whitening Lamp Chilly Bleaching Enamel Whitening Blue Gentle Machine LED Enamel Whitener Accelerator Gentle Oral Care

Broad Spectrum: 430nm ~ 520nm(Host lamps);Gentle Output energy: As much as 2000 mW/cm; Small base dimension design, appropriate use in dental clinic. Appropriate for clinics, hospitals, magnificence salons and residential.



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