Peugeot 266097 Impitoyable Whisky Tasting Set. Includes Cordial Glass and Chilling Base.

  • The glass will uncover the most great notes from an extensive variety of alcohols including Whisky, Cognac, Armagnac and Rum. Set incorporates: One Whisky Glass, One Chilling Base, One Coaster.
  • The smart metal cooling base is intended to cool the soul for no less than 30 min. what’s more, keep temperature stuns from ice or cool water; for best outcomes, leave the metal base in the cooler for a couple of hours before utilizing.
  • The littler decreased opening takes into account an expanded grouping of the fragrances of the whisky.
  • No requirement for water to open up the whisky; the snazzy bends help discharge the unpretentious smells while the focal arch partitions the alcohol and keeps an overwhelming rise of liquor vapors to the nose.
  • Utilize: the pour of whisky ought to be lower than the focal arch. Care: hand-wash.


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