• Unlike ice, our Whiskey Stones keeps your whisky chilled without weakening to protect those intricate flavors and smooth surface. So whether you appreciate drinking a fine Single Malt or an exemplary Old Fashioned, maintain a strategic distance from the inescapable soften and appreciate the ideal bourbon drink.
  • If you jump at the chance to drink your bourbon slick, at that point these little folks are for you! The stone rocks cool your refreshment by 10 to 15 degrees so you can make the most of your alcohol at the ideal temperature. They’re not intended to be a substitution for ice 3D squares or balls; they’re intended to remain cool so you can make the most of your bourbon to it’s fullest.
  • Despite the name, our Whiskey Stones are perfect for cooling any drink, not only your most loved Scotch, Irish Whiskey or Bourbon. Attempt a 3D square or two with rum, tequila, vodka, white wine or a newly shaken mixed drink. They can even be utilized as a part of non-mixed beverages. Make the most of your most loved tipple without dispersing your drink.


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