Vintage Electric Candyfloss Cotton, Sugar Candy Maker Machine Home Party Carnival. Vintage Candy Cotton Maker.

  • Simply add sugar.
  • Sweet Cotton Candy Maker is a helpful tabletop unit that wonderfully looks like the festival merchant trucks of the mid 1900s.
  • This simple to utilize sweet floss producer enables you to influence carnival to style confection floss at home in minutes.
  • It turns sugar into clusters of cushy cotton sweet.
  • A good time for all the family.
  • As the machine warms up, the focal make a beeline for turn, compelling fluid sugar through its little holes. The moment the strings of sugar hit the air they cool and re-cement, making a web of sugary strings create in the accumulation bowl.
  • You should simply get together the yummy wisps on your confection floss sticks and appreciate.
  • Perfect for birthday events, weddings, new years eve or at whatever point you favor a top notch treat.


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