VAVA Small Dehumidifier Compact Moisture Absorber for Bathroom, Closet, Basements, Kitchen. 

  • Practical & Compact: The little size fits in space up to 353 cubic feet like wardrobes, storage spaces, or cupboards, making it down to earth and advantageous to utilize anyplace you require it
  • Noiseless Operation: Enjoy the quiet and smooth action and dehumidify your air without having your unwinding time, rest, or TV arrangement hindered by a loud device
  • Foolproof Usage: The simple LED marker is green when the activity is typical, and turns red and naturally kills when the water tank is full and prepared for depletion
  • Double Power Source: Choose in the event that you need to associate the dehumidifier to an attachment or to a USB port to control it and advantage from the additional convenience
  • Perfect for Home & Office: Ideal to take with you because of its compact size, double fueling choice, and a structure that fits for all intents and purposes everywhere

Why We Need a Dehumidifier?

High mugginess may cause numerous respiratory and skin illnesses, for example, asthma, pneumonia and dermatitis. Likewise, sustenance and divider will effectively end up mildew covered. VAVA dehumidifier can keep the indoor mugginess at reasonable relative moistness, demoralize the microscopic organisms development, diminish dampness and gives you outside air condition.

Practical & Compact

Place VAVA dehumidifier anyplace you need and need it. Because of its minimal size it fits even in little spaces, as in the storeroom to keep your garments flawless and dry, in a storage space that needs some dehumidifying, or in your kitchen cupboards to keep your fixings dry.

Noiseless Operation

Simply unwind and kick back while your VAVA dehumidifier does its work. The calm and totally smooth task won’t divert you from the exciting book that you are perusing, the captivating scene you are watching, imperative work you are doing, or even a serene rest or night’s rest.

Foolproof Usage

Advantage from the simple and straight-forward LED lights on the gadget to get a reasonable comprehension of the dehumidifier’s activity. At the point when the green LED is turned on the dehumidifier is working typically. When the tank is full from water the gadget has gathered from the air, the red LED will turn on and the dehumidifier consequently kills.

Double Power Source

We give both of you distinctive choices to control your dehumidifier for twofold the accommodation: plug it helpfully into the nearest electrical plug or connect the gadget to any USB port with the included USB link.

Perfect for Home & Office

The mix of its little size that is immaculate to take with you to work or anyplace you go and the choice of fueling through power attachment or USB link makes your VAVA dehumidifier the ideal pal for muggy climate days.

Notice: This item is appropriate for wet climate (rain, moisture).
















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