• [FULLY EQUIPPED] WELTPACKEN vacuum sealer not just give vacuum sealer and the air suction hose(17.7″), yet in addition incorporates 5 x vacuum sealer bags(8″*11.8″), 1 x vacuum sealer sack roll(8″*79″) and 1 x client manual. A total group for your new cooking period; fits up to 12″ width other brand vacuum sealer sacks and rolls. Producer’s Lifetime Warranty & Support.
  • [CUSTOMIZE YOUR VACUUM] WELTPACKEN vacuum fixing framework is planned owning two select-capable modes (Gentle & Normal and Moist & Dry Modes) to furnish your nourishment with the most ideal protection dependent on the sort of sustenance you need to seal. You can pick the dry for strong sustenance things and the sodden for poached, new fish or steamed nourishment; Stop capacity can additionally control the vacuum pressure.
  • [STORE & PRESERVE, STAYS FRESH LONGER] Attached with unrivaled fixing ring, WELTPACKEN vacuum sealers safeguard nourishment up to multiple times longer than zipper baggies, essentially relying upon the kind of food.Confidently store new organic products, vegetables, cuts of meat and more.Reduces deterioration and sustenance squander, you cooking and dinner arrangement will end up less demanding, more economical.
  • [AUTOMATIC OPERATION] Designed with Fully programmed one-contact task, delicate touch screen catches, LED pointer lights, electric module and the control focus set on the correct board gives an easy to use understanding to its administrator. Embellishment port and hose can vacuum seal canisters, wine plugs or apparel stockpiling pack with “Canister” function.
  • [VERSATILITY] Besides vacuum fixing your nourishment in sack, our vacuum sealer machine likewise a helpful kitchen instrument to vacuum fixing canisters, artisan container covers or wine plugs; with the quick marinate mode, marinate in minutes rather than hours, spare your time. And furthermore wrap assets and family things from residue, soggy & humidity.


✔Strong suction: Removes all air from bundle to keep microbes and shield sustenance from cooler consumes.

✔Keep sustenance crisp: Our vacuum sealer sucks the let some circulation into and jam the fragrance, freshness, taste and timeframe of realistic usability of treats, fish, natural products, meat, vegetables or other nourishment things for later utilization.

✔Customize weight & sustenance setting to vacuum seal an assortment of foods(Gentle & Normal, Dry & Moist Modes)

✔Automatic vacuum fixing: Offer a basic and brisk approach to vacuum seal your most loved nourishment. One-contact task.

✔Canister & Marinate: Use the hose connection to vacuum seal canisters, container tops, wine plugs or different embellishments. Lock in flavors in minutes as opposed to holding up hours or days.


Evaluated Voltage: 110VAC

Evaluated Frequency: 50~60Hz

Evaluated Power: 110W

Vacuum Power: – 0.8bar

Development Material: Engineered ABS

Power Cord Length: 39.5″

Vacuum fixing working time: 10-20 Seconds

Non-vacuum fixing working time: 5-10 Seconds

Package Included:

1 x Vacuum Sealer

5 x Vacuum Sealer Bags (8″x11.8″)

1 x Vacuum Sealer Bag Roll (8″x79″)

1 x Air Suction Hose(17.7″)

1 x User Manual

Vacuum Sealer Machine with Automatic Touch Screen, Food Sealer Vacuum Air Sealing System with Starter Bags & Roll and Air Suction Hose for Food Preservation/Sous Vide, Dry& Moist Food Modes (Black). 

Weight 4.35 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 7.75 × 4.75 cm













Within 3 Months – You can return the product unconditionally if you're not satisfied with it, and we will give you a full refund. Within 1 Year – We can provide free spare parts and maintenance service if any quality problems.






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