• PROFESSIONAL MATRIX TAPING KNIFE AND MUD PAN SET – STAINLESS STEEL – 6″- 10″- 12″ – Comfort, control, equalization and impeccable flex make these the best blades you’ll ever use.
  • INCLUDES USG SHEETROCK MATRIX 12″ STAINLESS STEEL MUD PAN, MAGNETIC PAN GRIP AND MUD PAN MIXER – Superior quality Matrix dish has a fortified metal band for additional quality and toughness. Smaller than usual blender connects to any cordless drill to blend mud directly in the pan.
  • MATRIX KNIVES PROVIDE EXCELLENT GRIP, BALANCE AND CONTROL – Weight-adjusted, super-strong, decreased handle with elastic hold and metal mallet end for sinking nails and composing on walls.
  • THREE-KNIFE SET COVERS ALL PHASES OF FINISHING – 6″ sharp edge is perfect for bedding tape and more tightly regions. 10″ and 12″ sharp edges spread all first, transitional and complete coats, skimming and feathering.
  • MAGNETIC MUD PAN GRIP STICKS TO ANY STEEL PAN FOR IMPROVED GRIP, COMFORT AND INSULATION – No progressively chilly, dangerous mud skillet! Snap the elastic grasp onto your search for gold most agreeable container you’ve ever held.

USG Sheetrock Plaster Finishing Taping Joint Knife (6″- 10″- 12″) and 12″ Matrix Mud Pan Set – Stainless Steel with Bonus 12″ Matrix Mud Pan, Mini Mud Pan Mixing Paddle and Magnetic Pan Grip

Flawless flex, impeccable parity, extreme control and solace. The USG Matrix Series Taping Knife set is a definitive expert finisher’s combo. Grid Series blades have decreased solace grasp handle with a heavier handle for better parity, metal end top for striking, setting nails and composing on dividers. Tempered Steel sharp edges offer imperviousness to rust, astounding flex and toughness for expert drywallers.

This set incorporates:

  • USG Sheetrock 6″ Matrix Stainless Steel Joint Knife
  • USG Sheetrock 10″ Matrix Stainless Steel Taping Knife
  • USG Sheetrock 12″ Matrix Stainless Steel Taping Knife
  • USG Sheetrock Matrix 12-inch Stainless Steel Drywall Mud Pan with Reinforced Metal Band
  • USG Sheetrock Magnetic Mud Pan Grip that adheres to any steel mud search for gold grasp, protection and comfort
  • Dan-O Mini Mud Pan Mixer Blade with hex shaft for blending mud directly in the skillet with a cordless drill

Watchwords: Plastering, Dry Lining (Drylining), Drywall Finishing, Matrix Taping Knife, Sheet Rock

USG Sheetrock Matrix Drywall Taping Knife Set with Matrix Mud Pan, Magnetic Grip and Mini Mud Mixer. 






USG Sheetrock


USG Sheetrock




USG Sheetrock


USG Sheetrock


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