Urban Legacy Floating Shelves Made from Genuine Reclaimed Wood | Trendy, Modern, Barn Wood | Amish Made in Lancaster County, PA (Natural, 24″x 4.5″x 2″). 

  • Shelves measure 24″ long x 4.5″ profound x 2″ thick.
  • Mounting into studs is suggested, yet not required. Drywall stays included
  • These racks add a charming touch to any space!
  • Made of certified recovered animal dwellingplace wood. We don’t recolor the closures of the “regular” shelves
  • Amish Handmade in Lancaster County, PA
Don’t fall for “recovered look” retires that are simply beat up and inadequately recolored pine from Home Depot! These are the genuine article, produced using chop down outbuilding wood rafters!! We take a lot of pride in the realness of our racks and their history. This arrangement of (2) coasting racks (slide-on sections and mounting equipment included) are produced using certified recovered animal dwellingplace wood and will be the ideal complement on your divider! Their character is all normal from decades as rafters in chicken stables all through Lancaster County, PA. As these are 100% veritable recovered stable rafters, you may see negligible varieties in the shade. We utilize no stain on any piece of the “normal” racks. Crude cut finishes. All observed, nail and other upset markings are normally happening and may differ piece to piece. There are (2) 1/8″ scores out of the base of the back where the sections join. This permits the racks to sit flush against the divider. The scores are not unmistakable when the racks are hung. Mounting equipment included. Mounting into studs is prescribed, yet not required. Section areas are directed out so the exterior of the sections will agree with 16″ studs if preferred.
Weight 8.8 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 5.5 × 5.25 cm







Urban Legacy


Urban Legacy


Urban Legacy




Urban Legacy


24"x 4.5"x 2"


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