UltraCord 50 Feet – Red – Reflective, Glow in the Dark Cord with Fishing Line and Jute Inside. 

  • Strength and strength of genuine 550 Cord.
  • Highly Reflective Paracord Strands.
  • Glow in the Dark Paracord Strands.
  • 15 Pound Fishing Line & Natural Jute for Fire Starting.
  • Bored Paracord is a PROUD Veteran Owned Business

This isn’t your standard paracord. This is extraordinary in that it has 3 exceedingly intelligent tracer strands incorporated with it. A similar sort of intelligent material is utilized as a part of running shoes so sprinters can be seen during the evening. The tracer strand is silver in shading. It additionally has 3 gleam oblivious strands. We didn’t stop there. We’ve included angling line and a characteristic fiber called “jute” to within the line. Insane right? Everything else about this string is indistinguishable to standard 550 paracord.

Included: Highly Reflective Paracord Strands, Glow in the Dark Paracord Strands, 15 Pound Fishing Line, Natural Jute for Fire Starting

Presently, a little about the string itself:

Our 550, Type III Parachute Cord is extreme! Made with 100% crude nylon materials joined with at least 550lb breaking quality this Paracord is the “Genuine” 550 line.

Paracord has actually 100’s of survival applications and additionally numerous clothing applications. Regardless of whether you bearing it in your pack or wearing it on your wrist, paracord is the one thing you would prefer not to be without. It is accessible in a wide range of hues, and designs and furthermore in a few distinct lengths.

The Nitty Gritty:

550 Survival Paracord – Type III Commercial Grade

Made in the USA by an official Government Contractor

7 Inner Core 100% Nylon Strands

Around 1/8″ in Diameter

550 lb. Least Break Strength

Snappy Drying All Weather Cord – Will Not Rot or Mildew

One woven strand of exceedingly intelligent material

UltraCord 50 Feet – Red – Reflective, Glow in the Dark Cord with Fishing Line and Jute Inside; glow in the dark, ultraCord 50 Feet.


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