• Loud Emergency Alarm and Easy to Get Help: Children and seniors at home in crisis, press the crisis alert catch of the remote controller, which will trigger all cautions and send crisis calls and messages to different families, so they can get help in time. Bolster 6 bunches preset alert telephone number, if caution happens, the host will dial preset number naturally and 10 seconds help voice recording
  • Network Support: The alert board worked in GSM Module, it support GSM SIM card, T-Mobile sim card can work with our framework (This caution do excluding GSM sim card). At the point when the sensor is set off, the caution board will make a call or send ready message to the alarm telephone number you set previously. The GSM (just) recurrence is 850/900/1800/1900MHZ, which can be connected in everywhere throughout the world; In GSM status, 6 bunches calling ready telephone number and 2 bunches help SMS number you can set
  • The alert framework can be utilized universally, it can work under two conditions: No month to month expenses and contracts with security organizations. No system, independent on location disturbing; Put-in a GSM SIM card (This caution do excluding GSM sim card) to call/send ready message, you can pick one of two different ways or utilize every one of them. The entire framework complete with completely programmable primary unit and remote sensors. Prior to utilizing, if it’s not too much trouble compassionately perused client’s manual
  • The alert board worked in AAA Ni-Hi battery-powered battery that can last around 8 hours (For the situation of intensity off, the host can keep on laboring for 8 hours). Entryway/Window contacts identify any mighty break-in, latent movement sensors recognize any suspicious development or action, uproarious, little wired alarm up to 110db caution alarms neighbors and dissuades potential intruders
  • Defense Zone Support: Allow up to 99 remote resistance zones and 8 wired zones, 5 gatherings of planned arm/incapacitated capacity; 2 wired alarm for various size houses as you need; DIY home security, device free setup and amassing, attachment and play installation

Product Features:

1. 8 wired and 99 remote barrier zones

2. LCD screen with time clock show

3. Voice brief for all activities

4. 3 gatherings of opportune arm and incapacitate

5. Can store 6 telephone numbers: while disturbing, framework will make caution call to these numbers naturally

6. The fundamental gadget can send content caution to 2 preset telephone numbers

7. With implicit advanced voice gadget to give voice alert or send caution messages consequently.

8. 10-second manual message recording

9. Worked in counterfeit keen advanced voice broadcaster

10. Message recording playback: human chronicle, synchronous playback for account impact in tryout

11. Clients can make calls by utilizing keypad on alert board, much the same as a phone

12. One-key-control work: Out Arm, Home Arm, Remote Arm

13. Ongoing, delay, 24 hours, sidestep barrier zones programming capacity

14. Remote coding: simple to include extra remote extras

15. Worked in battery-powered battery: cautions notwithstanding when control is off


Item Specifications:

1. Power: DC 12V/1A

2. Reinforcement battery: Lithium battery-powered battery 7.4V

3. Remote separation: 100~150m (in open region); 30m (in entryway)

4. Working temperature: – 20℃~+55℃

5. Quad Band GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

6. Accepting recurrence: 315MHz

7. Mugginess: 40%~80%

8. Measurements: (7.09 x 5.32 x 1.02)”/(18 x 13.50 x 2.60)cm (L x W x H)


Bundle Includes:

1 x Main Panel

4 x Remote Controllers

2 x PIR Sensors

10 x Door Sensors

1 x Power Adapter (US Plug)

1 x User Manual

1 x Siren Alarm

Thustar Professional Wireless Home Office Security System Remote Control Intelligent LED Display Voice Prompt House Business GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm Auto Dial Outdoor Siren. 

Weight 6.95 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 9.1 × 2.8 cm















GSM Alarm System






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