Theralite Aura Bright Light Therapy Lamp – 10,000 LUX – Sun Lamp Mood Light to Fight Low Energy and Sunlight Deprivation. 

  • 10,000 LUX LED LIGHT that sparkles brilliant with 10000 LUX of sans glare white light for ideal splendid light treatment. Light treatment will lift the mind-set amid bleak days, and will likewise build your vitality so as to lift your spirits.
  • HEIGHT & ANGLE ADJUSTABLE SUNLIGHT LAMP. Tallness and point are both flexible. The stand takes into account tallness alteration and light pivot by releasing the handle. Light activities from above for best remedial impact or work area light use.
  • 4 LIGHT SETTINGS. A sun light vitality light with 168 vitality effective LED lights for light treatment or undertaking lighting. A wellbeing light treatment light intended for those encountering mellow to direct side effects of light inadequacy because of absence of sunlight.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED. The utilization of coordinated portions of a white light state of mind light utilizing a clinically tried light is utilized to treat issue caused by light lack. Brilliant light treatment can address your inclination, move work change, fly slack, and others.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE. Splendid light treatment light that is sans uv, protected and powerful. This light is reasonable, yet adaptable. The sunlight light will keep your vitality up while lifting your spirits and disposition because of absence of daylight and normal light.

A temperament and vitality improving light treatment gadget. The TheraLite Aura wellbeing light is an ideal partner for those encountering gentle to direct manifestations of light insufficiency. Helpful 10000 LUX of agreeable without glare white light gives powerful alleviation while transmitting NO UV! Brilliant light treatment is the primary line of treatment prescribed by human services experts to help lighten the Winter Blues. Light treatment is additionally a non-obtrusive viable choice for treating plane lag,circadian rest issues, move work alteration or non-regular state of mind issue.

1. For what reason do inquire about specialists & therapeutic specialists prescribe Theralite fabricated via Carex Health Brands? Theralite, made via Carex Health Brands, are from the group of lights utilized in clinical preliminaries crosswise over North America since 1989. Light innovation was chosen by Dr. Raymond Lam, Medical Director for the Mood Disorders Program at the University of British Columbia Hospital, for use in a three-year, 200-man controlled investigation of brilliant light treatment. Dr. Lam says he chose our lights since “they utilize the most recent innovation, are of phenomenal quality, strength and feel, and meet all prescribed wellbeing models. The organization likewise has a reputation of trustworthiness.”

2. What is brilliant light therapy? Bright light treatment utilizes every day, booked introduction to extreme dimensions of fake splendid light.Researchers have esteemed the fluorescent white light box as the “highest quality level” for splendid light treatment.

3. What is splendid light treatment utilized for? Researchers have considered brilliant light treatment for the treatment of: The Winter Blues • Disrupted resting designs • Jet Lag/Shift Work Adjustment

4. What are the Winter Blues? The Winter Blues are an occasional condition that can happen as days become shorter. Side effects may include: feeling down, testiness, low vitality, exhaustion, dormancy, weight increase, social withdrawal or upset dozing designs.

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