The Fifth Sorceress (Chronicles of Blood and Stone, Book 1)

Not since Terry Goodkind unsheathed the Sword of Truth has there been such an epic story of bravery and enchantment that so catches the creative energy as this amazing new work by an ace storyteller. In The Fifth Sorceress, Robert Newcomb summons a period and place fashioned with choice detail, characters strikingly drawn and profoundly felt, and a history rich in wonderfulness and ghastliness, magnificence and privileged insights. . . .

“We gave them a shot once, long back. . . . We offered to share control similarly, and in peace. Be that as it may, they declined and picked war. With them it was win big or bust. Wizard against Sorceress. Male against female. Light against dim.”

It is over three centuries since the attacks of an overwhelming war about tore separated the kingdom of Eutracia. Afterward, the individuals who planned the gore—a group of four of capable, success hungry Sorceresses—were condemned to oust, with restore everything except inconceivable and demise everything except inescapable. Presently a place that is known for peace and bounty, ensured and guided by a committee of undying wizards, Eutracia is going to crown another lord. Also, as the royal celebration approaches, the soul of festivity fills each heart. But one.

Sovereign Tristan is a hesitant ruler to-be. In spite of the fact that conceived with the “invested” blood that will enable him to ace enchantment, and ordained by custom to succeed his dad as ruler, he is an agitator soul. Furthermore, when he finds the antiquated, shrouded holes where weird red waters stream—had of their own strange enchantment—it just influences him to long all the more to get away from his eventual fate of obligation . . . what’s more, capitulate to the stirrings of charm inside him.

Be that as it may, more than convention urges Tristan to rise the honored position. The very presence of Eutracia relies on it. For after these long a very long time of peace, horrible signs have started to show up, proclaiming something excessively unspeakable, making it impossible to consider. What’s more, if in reality the old abhorrence has returned, hungry to wreak retaliation, Tristan’s part in an ages-old prescience must be satisfied—or the cost to his kingdom and his kin will be past creative ability.

It will be a fight like none at any point known, against a foe whose hunger for blood and mastery is depthless and enduring. What’s more, for Tristan, it will be a definitive test: confronting a foe whose most prominent weapon is the individual he cherishes most—changed into the instrument of his obliteration . . . also, the impetus that will fate Eutracia always to darkness.


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