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The Existence and Attributes of God includes the initial two volumes of crafted by Stephen Charnock (1628-1680), an English puritan divine who was very gifted in logic, patristics, Reformed religious philosophy, and Biblical dialects. These volumes are his withstanding landmark. They are deserving of being contrasted and the best in religious philosophy. “At the point when the presence and qualities of God are raised doubt about, to whom else would we be able to all the more likely go than to Stephen Charnock” . . . ”those [things uncovered have a place with us and to our youngsters forever]. The material that Charnock talks about is solidly established in the Word of God” . . . ”Both the Old Testament and the New underline these two things: First, we should think about the entire disclosure, not simply some simple or most loved pieces of it; furthermore, the investigation of God’s properties isn’t dry as residue religious philosophy, however is pragmatic; that is, it prompts exemplary nature” (Dr. Gordon H. Clark, from a prelude to this incredible work in a Sovereign Grace version, 1958). One of the best disasters in these profoundly starved occasions is the miserable reality that most Christians know so almost no about their God. It is regularly said this is just in light of the fact that these volumes are comprehensive regarding the matter. However it is plainly loaded up with magnificent compositions of reality in regards to God’s presence and characteristics. “Charnock shows God’s properties not as generic deliberations for the brain to juggle with, yet as characteristics noticeable in the solid activities of the living God of which the Bible talks. The specialized terms and once in a while, contentions of educational religious philosophy are utilized, however dependably with a Biblical introduction. Charnock wants to hypothesize, yet just to pronounce the works and ways, the nature and character, of the God of the Bible. The substance of his teaching is naturally Puritan and representatively Reformed.” (Dr. James I. Packer, in The Encyclopedia of Christianity, Volume II, p. 410) The owner of these uncommon volumes will be honored by getting to know the exceptional God, and accordingly will achieve a higher plane of otherworldly delight never accomplished. To realize Him better is to adore Him more.
The Existence and Attributes of God, Volume 7 of 50 Greatest Christian Classics, 2 Volumes in 1. 
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