• KILLS FUNGUS UP TO 6X FASTER than driving brands, so no time is squandered in recovering your skin to normal
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED equation supported by 10 years of research is trusted by best doctors to execute organism quick and treat muscle head tingle indications effectively
  • RELIEVES ITCHING, BURNING, REDNESS, AND IRRITATION that can make the mending procedure feel like an eternity
  • POWERFUL ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS imply that you don’t need to stress over brutal synthetic compounds disturbing your skin
  • terrasil® Anti-parasitic Treatment MAX is useful for: Bar decay, contagious skin contaminations, muscle head tingle, kerion, male yeast disease, piedra, pityriasis versicolor, ringworm, scalp ringworm, tinea capitis, faciei, manuum, nigra, unguium, seborrheic dermatitis. All-characteristic, profound saturating recipe that is sans paraben, liquor free, color free, aroma free, non-bothering, mitigating, and ok for touchy skin

An All-In-One Antifungal Treatment System

Terrasil Antifungal Treatment MAX utilizes ground-breaking antifungal fixings, made to execute growth and kill contagious disease, redness, rash, dryness, and bothering. With relieving basic oils and protected Activated Minerals® that convey quick, directed help, Terrasil is a one of a kind FDA enlisted cure that consolidates the most recent science with the best normal elements for a genuinely antifungal treatment.

Yes, Terrasil Really Works

• Kills growth up to multiple times quicker than significant brands

• Relieves tingling, consuming, torment, redness, aggravation, and disturbance

• Treats skin staining

• Speeds the recuperating of split, layered skin

With Patented Activated Minerals® to Speed Results

Terrasil Antifungal Treatment MAX is the main topical antifungal of its thoughtful that highlights protected Activated Minerals®, an exclusive mix including Volcanic Clay, Magnesium Oxide, Silver Oxide, and Zinc Oxide. This innovation was produced to encourage quicker, coordinated conveyance of FDA endorsed dynamic fixings to altogether improve their execution. Notwithstanding their medication conveyance properties, every one of the fixings that contain Activated Minerals® have explicit healthy skin benefits.

What Do Customers Like About Terrasil?

• Doctor suggested

• No detailed reactions

• Backed by 10 years of research

• FDA-enlisted cure

• Free of superfluous synthetic concoctions, fake aromas, parabens and possibly destructive additives

• Moisturizing recipe won’t dry out your skin

• Proudly made in the US

Kindly permit as long as about fourteen days for results.

May contain Stearic Acid.

Terrasil® Anti-fungal Treatment MAX – 6X Faster, Doctor Recommended, 100% Guaranteed, All-Natural, Soothing, OTC-Registered ointment for fungal infections (200g Max Jar). 

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