TerraBag Fabric Raised Garden Bed, 100 Gallon Grow Bag for Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers! Makes Gardening Easy for Everyone!

  • GARDEN ANYWHERE – No Garden Space? Don’t sweat it! Utilize them on the yard, in the patio, in the sunroom, or on the rooftop and load with your most loved veggies, natural products, trees or blossoms!! Give your inventiveness a chance to free and garden wherever your heart desires!
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – Put away your devices! Simple for the littlest youngsters and most develop grown-ups to plant a delightful garden. Include a gift voucher for your nearby nursery and you have the ideal present for the rising gardener!
  • MAXIMIZES PLANT GROWTH – Exposure to air implies that the creating establishing frameworks will be more grounded, along these lines supporting more advantageous, rich plants. Develop your natural plants on the yard or in the terrace and KNOW how your nourishment is treated.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Double-sewed for toughness, Terra Bag’s solid raised bed texture is sans bpa and will keep going for a considerable length of time, even in exceptional summer warm. Solid sewing and thick texture implies that it will continue for a considerable length of time, when other develop sacks have as of now deteriorated.
  • SIZE – 48″ in measurement & 12″ high, giving you 12.5 sqft of developing surface. Simply load with 1/2 cubic yard of your most loved soil blend and develop! The ideal size for 4 tomato plants or a wonderful bloom garden!

No Garden Space? Don’t sweat it!

Eco-accommodating Terra Bags give the Simple Solution to Anywhere Gardening. Utilize them on the porch, in the lawn, in the sunroom, or on the rooftop! Give your imagination a chance to free and garden wherever your heart wants!

Go ahead, set away your devices this will just take a couple of minutes.

    1. Unfold your Terra Bag Raised Bed.


    1. Fill with 12 cubic feet of your most loved soil mix.


    1. Add Plants & Grow!


Presently, kick back and watch your plants flourish!

Let us acquaint you with Air-Pruning!

While you watch what develops above the pot, what is occurring below the pot is MOST intriguing! Those little root frameworks are extending, searching out water and supplements.

You’ve seen it before-Root Bound! Due to the little measure of dampness caught between the plastic divider and the dirt in a traditional pot, those roots hover around as they chase for nourishment and water. Say farewell to root-bound plants! The breathable Terra Bag causes your plants to fabricate an inconceivable, monstrous root framework in light of the fact that the roots are presented to generally dry air. This procedure makes the roots continually stretch out and construct extraordinary stringy frameworks.

Healthy Roots, Abundant Fruit!

A powerful, solid root framework with more root hairs and more root tips implies that your plants will assimilate more supplements. What does this mean for the plant you’ve been viewing develop?

  • Stronger, more beneficial plants.
  • More inexhaustible organic product, vegetables, herbs or flowers.
  • Faster developing time.
  • Less developing medium required for gigantic growth.
  • Efficient utilization of water and nutrients.
  • Decreased danger of transplant shock.

From the most youthful greens keeper, to the prepared development veteran, Terra Bags Raised Bed is the quick, simple and family-accommodating way to deal with gardening.


Weight 1.56 kg
Dimensions 13.8 × 13.15 × 4.35 cm



Terra Bag




Terra Bag


Lawn & Patio








48" diameter, 12" high


Terra Bag




Terra Bag


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