Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug with Temperature Control 16 Ounce, 12V Adapter – Stainless Steel.

  • PLEASE NOTE: the mug is expected to keep your refreshment warm at your coveted temperature and to warm up tepid beverages however not to bubble chilly beverages, During travel the AC connector is put inside the mug to secure the item.
  • PLUGS INTO YOUR CAR CHARGER Take this self warming travel mug alongside you anyplace and utilize the 12 volt charger in your auto to keep it warm to and from work, school and other locations.
  • HELPFUL ANALOG INDICATOR With this movement mug, warm levels will be demonstrated on the clever simple indicator.
  • NON-SLIP RUBBER BASE Don’t stress over this warmed espresso travel mug getting thumped over on the work area or in the auto; it has an elastic base intended to keep it upright.
  • 12V Auto connector included/Recommended For Auto utilize only

TechTools Retro Style Heated Travel Mug

Tasting your espresso at home is an awesome method to get yourself up in the mornings, however in the long run, you will need to go out and take off to class or to your activity. While the espresso remains pleasant and hot at home, it starts to lose its warmth the more it is in a standard mug, abandoning you with tepid espresso amid your drive and chilly espresso once you have touched base at your goal.

With the Retro Style Heated Travel Mug, you can appreciate hot espresso throughout the day through the self-warming force it has.

The Retro Style Heated Travel Mug is a warmed travel mug that uses a 12 volt charger to keep it warm. This implies you can take it with you on your drive and keep it charged in the auto to guarantee it remains hot. Warm protection traps in the warmth in this warmed travel espresso mug to guarantee that no warmth get away.

Its has a simple on and off flip switch will give you a chance to moderate the power save when you are far from the charger to keep the mug enduring throughout the day.

The Retro Style Heated Travel Mug likewise offers a non-slip elastic base that enables it to sit easily on any work area, work surface or container holder, guaranteeing you won’t need to stress over it getting thumped over and spilling all around. Absolutely convenient and self warming, the Retro Style Heated Travel Mug goes wherever you go.


Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 9.69 × 5.12 × 4.49 cm

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Stainless Steel










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16 ounce




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