Supercloth – World Famous Household Cleaning Cloth and Dusting Cloth – 17 Inches x 13 Inches, 2 Pack (5pk, 10pk Also Available). 

  • POWERFUL ITALIAN FABRIC – SUPERCLOTH® is considerably more than a small scale fiber cleaning material or a chamois. At the point when hosed with warm water, our licensed solid texture is intended to get clean, soil and oil from any hard surface and leave a streak free sparkle in one go without the utilization of chemicals.
  • WILL LAST FOR YEARS – While a portion of our clients have utilized the same SUPERCLOTH® for a long time or all the more, utilizing it for only one year could spare you as much as $70 worth of paper towels, making SUPERCLOTH® worth each penny. This cleaning item was worked to be utilized again and again without breaking down or losing effectiveness.
  • STOP USING CHEMICALS – Don’t spend another dime on risky cleaning synthetic compounds or paper towels. We guaruntee SUPERCLOTH® will clean your windows, gadgets, fine wood furniture, treated steel, rock, chrome, auto inside, and installations superior to anything you’ve ever used
  • UNLIKE ANYTHING ON THE MARKET – Combine the larger than usual (17 x 13 inch) plan with our protected fortified Italian texture and you improve than any towel, material or cushion available. Plain and straightforward – SUPERCLOTH® is the most proficient cleaning towel accessible on Amazon. Discover why such a significant number of have been stunned by the intense tidying and cleaning capacities of the SUPERCLOTH®
  • AS SEEN ON TV – SUPERCLOTH® has been seen and sold on TV for quite a long time and is a staple in a great many family units across the country. Discover why SUPERCLOTH® clients believe this interesting material to clean hard surfaces with ease!

SUPERCLOTH® – The European cleaning material as observed on TV for decades!

Delicate enough to be utilized as a cleaning material for a violin however sufficiently capable to be utilized as a mildew covered bath cleaning fabric, this protected texture material is certainly not a small scale texture and not a delicate towel or chamois. The filaments feel something like softened cowhide when dry, however when clammy end up ultra delicate and holds only the appropriate measure of water, permitting SUPERCLOTH® to get tidy and soil superior to any quill duster or synthetic product!
Perfect for leaving all surfaces streak and tidy free without the utilization of “blue stuff” and different synthetic substances, SUPERCLOTH® was made to be utilized for quite a long time without debasing. Produced using a protected Italian fiber, SUPERCLOTH® has been a family tidying and cleaning mystery for quite a long time all around the globe! Its curiously large 17 x 13 inch configuration keeps the tidy off your furniture and off your hands! Quit utilizing synthetic concoctions around your friends and family and begin sparing cash on paper towels, window cleaner, wood cleaner, dusters, auto inside wipes and furniture polish!
Use a sodden SUPERCLOTH® as a generally useful cleaning instrument anyplace around the house!

    • Glasses cleaning cloth
    • TV screen wipe
    • Chrome buffer
    • Mirror cleaner
    • Glass cleaner
    • Bathroom cleaner
    • Stainless steel cleaning material
    • Damp tidying towel
    • Cleaning material for melodic instruments (piano, guitar, violin, french horn, clarinet, and more)
    • Cleaning material for PC screen
    • Dish cloth
    • Car inside wipe

…the list goes on!
Take favorable position of our multi-unit rebate and don’t miss your opportunity to discover how astonishing this item truly is!


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Dimensions 8.9 × 6.57 × 0.24 cm



















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