STRAWGRACE Handmade Glass Straws, Short, 5 in x 10 mm – 6 Pack With Cleaning Brush – Premium Glass – Healthy, Reusable, Eco Friendly, BPA Free, Very Sturdy – Milkshake and Smoothie Straws. 

  • ★ PROTECT YOUR HEALTH – Plastic straws contain the hazardous substance BPA. It can possibly cause serious sicknesses including early pubescence, hormonal brokenness, huskiness and even tumors. These unadulterated glass, non-lethal reusable straws are totally ok for you to use with any hot or cool beverage! Additionally, dental specialists exceptionally suggest utilizing glass straws. Our straws are otherwise called: milkshake straws reusable, smoothie straws and bowl straws.
  • ★ HANDMADE QUALITY – Each StrawGrace Glass Straw is handcrafted in our glass studio. Created by specialists utilizing great materials. After creation, our partners check the nature of each straw and after that bundle it painstakingly. These straws land in a slick blessing box and are isolated so they don’t break one another. Since they are break-safe, you can take them with you when eating out so you can drink with style. They make a straightforward glass of frosted tea look chic.
  • ★ ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY – Our eco-accommodating reusable straws can be a piece of your exertion of being “green.” Since plastic straws are discarded each day, utilizing a reusable glass straw wipes out that waste and helps keep your condition clean. They’re additionally an exquisite present for birthday celebrations, weddings, or housewarmings.
  • ★ STURDY GLASS – Made of 5 creeps of exceedingly solid borosilicate glass. This glass straw is a similar incredible material utilized in research facilities around the globe. It is difficult to break since and produced using a similar material of the almost indestructible “Pyrex” plates and bowls! It might at any rate break with animal power like tumbling down high or on hard floor.
  • ★ EASY CLEANING – Simply wash the reusable straws after use or place in the dishwasher. A full length cleaning brush is incorporated just if there should be an occurrence of obstructing. Request now and get a ONE-YEAR MONEY-BACK MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE! On the off chance that you are not 100% cheerful, restore the straws for a full discount! More labels for this item: glass straws drinking, straws glass. Tap the “Add to Cart” catch to Order Now!

Are you searching for a more advantageous approach to drink a wide range of hot and chilly fluids? Would you like to drink with more style and class? Do you wish to keep our planet green? In the event that you addressed yes to any of these inquiries, StrawGrace Glass Drinking Straws are ideal for you!

Enjoy these advantages utilizing our straws:

Healthy – Compared to the harmful BPA material found in plastic straws.
Eco-accommodating – Stop non-biodegradable plastics from entering the environment.
High Quality – You will feel the distinction of value each time your lips contact your straw.
Easy to clean – Just wash after use. On the off chance that nourishment stalls out in one of them – utilize the included full-length brush.
Very Sturdy – Made from the most solid borosilicate glass accessible on the market.
Safe for kids
Lead free glass material

What to expect?
You will get a wonderfully planned bundle of 6 richly high quality glass straws and a cleaning brush. They are not hard to clean – the brush is incorporated into case something stalls out in the straw. The container makes a superb blessing, too!

What are they great for?
They are only the correct instrument for hot and chilly beverages. With a 10 mm breadth, these straws are ideal for juices, milkshakes, smoothies, espresso, teas and even water bottles and jars.

Straw size:

Length: ~ 5 inch = ~ 12.7 cm
Outside distance across: 10 mm
Inside breadth: 7 mm
Wall thickness: 1,5 mm

Quality assurance:
StrawGrace straws are high quality in China. Our associates in China work deliberately on each straw and lead individual quality assurance.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you are not 100% content with your straws, send them back for a full refund!

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 6.73 × 5.47 × 0.83 cm









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