Sous Vide Machine Immersion Circulator, HHTD 1100 Watts Sous-vide Precision Cooker with LED Smart Touch Screen, Joule Sous Vide with WIFI+Smart Control App Cookbook Included. 

  • The sous vide joule can be cooked over Wi-Fi whenever, anyplace (additionally through Wi-Fi). More steady than Bluetooth network. You don’t need to stress over the flimsiness of the connection. Flexible clasps fit any pot.
  • 1100 watts of intensity for ultra-quick water warming and more exact temperature control. Our sous-vide machines are an assortment of kitchen utensils, and low-temperature moderate cookers can cook any sort of fixings, for example, pork, meat, angle and vegetables.
  • HHTD accuracy cooker could be controlled remotely with keen devices(Built-in Recipes included), enabling you to leave the kitchen and do different things while you cook.Download the “Brilliant Life” App to screen, utilize preset formulas to cook, alter our Sous Vide from your iPhone and Android or other shrewd gadgets. The exactness cooker additionally gives you cooking notices while you’re out of the kitchen so you’ll know when your sustenance is ready.
  • Simply join the sous vide circulator to any pot, include water, drop in wanted sustenance in a fixed pack or glass container. Begin cooking with the bit of a catch on the gadget. The sous vide cooker’s clock and exact temperature control enable you to step away and unwind while your sustenance cooks flawlessly. No extra hardware needed.
  • The sous vide exactness cooker separable tempered steel skirt and plates are dishwasher safe making this kitchen machine simple to clean and maintain.Perfect present for your family,friends,parents thus on.

HHTD genuinely wishes to give better quality items, better administration and better shopping background to all clients.If you have any issues,please reach us directly.

HHTD Sous Vide is the most great sous vide instrument accessible. It warms water quicker than some other drenching circulator or exactness cooker and holds the temperature with outright precision to guarantee impeccable outcomes without fail. Controlled only by a historic application that engages sous vide veterans and learners alike, Joule gives you the opportunity to cook from anyplace.

Digital Timer

Simple to peruse, very delicate LED contact screen. Screen your cook initially.


Hold every one of the juices that give enhance, this is the reason when you arrange steaks at an eatery they are so delicious and delicate.

Consistently great results

Sous vide cooking dodges the requirement for you to time things without flaw. You can center around another errand, no more undercooked, chewy or consumed sustenance.

Great For The Multi­tasking Cook

Sous vide cooker permit you have a greater window of time to play with in the event that you are multi­tasking in the kitchen. Customary cooking is significantly less lenient.

Waste reduction

Generally arranged nourishment dries out and results in waste. Sustenance cooked by means of cooking, loses none of its volume.

Food Safety

Nourishment cooked by sous vide is sanitized and safe from foodborne contaminants caused by organic pathogens.

Cooking Steps Are Much Easier Than You Might Think

1.Attach your sous vide cooker to a pot, set the time and temperature as per your coveted level of doneness.

2.Put your nourishment in a fixed sack and clasp it to the side of the water pot.

3.Finish via burning, flame broiling, or cooking the sustenance to include a fresh, brilliant outside layer.Finish via singing, barbecuing, or searing the nourishment to include a firm, brilliant outside layer.




















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