Sous Vide Cooker Immersion Circulator – Sous Vide Starter Kit – Sous Vide Pod 1000W, 15 Bags, Pump, Clips, Free Cookbook. 

  • ⭐ HEALTHY FOOD When utilizing Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, items hold a greater number of nutrients and supplements than other cooking methods
  • ⭐ RESTAURANT RESULTES AT HOME Sous Vide Cooker conveys amazingly scrumptious, delicious, and sensitive dishes through the planning of nourishment at exactly controlled low temperatures
  • ⭐ HANDS-FREE COOKING You don’t have to sit around idly in the kitchen while Sous Vide Cooker plans scrumptious and solid sustenance for the entire family. Get unimaginable outcomes with insignificant exertion and time!
  • ⭐ ALL-IN-ONE All you have to apply culinary Sous Vide is in our unit: Sous Vide Pod, 15 reusable vacuum packs, siphon, cuts and cookbook
  • ⭐ SAFETY and WARRANTY Sous Vide cooker has testaments ETL, ROHS, REACH that ensure nature of security and strength of utilization. We give a year warranty.

Sous Vide Technology – this is the Trend in Cooking! If you have not gotten to know the innovation of cooking delightful dishes with the Sous Vide technique yet, at that point it’s the ideal opportunity for you to do as such. The pith of the technique is exceptionally basic: the items are vacuum fixed in uncommon sous vide packs and cooked in water, the temperature of which for the most part does not surpass 158° F. For this, sous vide machine or sous vide submersion circulator is utilized. Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking: ✅ Sous Vide Immersion Circulator will convey fantastically scrumptious, succulent, and fragile dishes through the readiness of sustenance at definitely controlled low temperatures. Items will be cooked equitably from edge to edge and will hold a greater number of nutrients and supplements than other cooking strategies.

✅ You can’t sit idle in the kitchen while Sous Vide Cooker gets ready delicious and sound nourishment for the entire family, since Sous Vide Cooking is Hands-Free Cooking. Simply put the nourishment in an uncommon pack, put it into the water, set the ideal temperature and clock, and unobtrusively do your very own thing until the point when the clock sounds.

✅ Cooking with Sous Vide Circulator is the perfect answer for a sound way of life. Sous Vide Starter Kit by SousVideArt incorporates everything that you have to begin cooking by sous vide technique: Sous Vide Immersion Circulator x1 Hand Vacuum Pump x1 Sous Vide Cooking Bags x15 Green Clips for sous vide cooking x2 White Sealing Clips x2 Sous Vide Recipes x1 User Manual x1

Sous Vide Cooker by SousVideArt has declarations ETL, ROHS, REACH that ensure quality, security and solidness of utilization. a year guarantee is giving.

Every one of the Sous Vide Starter Kits are completely assessed before delivery. On the off chance that there are any missing or harmed parts in your case because of the transportation, if it’s not too much trouble don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will send you a replacement.

Weight 5.75 kg
Dimensions 16.38 × 7.32 × 4.09 cm

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