Solar Portable Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Anti Mosquito Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with Solar or Micro USB Powered Pest Repellent Indoor and Outdoor for Children & Adults, Keeps Insects, Fleas, Bugs Away. 

  • [ SAFETY & EFFICIENT ] Goodldee Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is protected to people and pets. Quiet, non-poisonous, concoction free, no unsafe chemicals/splash, creature inviting. Ultrasonic sound just capable of being heard to irritations and rodents. 100% powerful and safe – keep pets and mice from your family and pets.
  • [ PORTABLE & COMPACT DESIGN & PATENT-PROCTECTION ] Clip on knapsacks, strollers, tent or table, waist band and so forth with carabiner cut. Worked in compass is for helping you to distinguish heading open air. Apperance patent protection
  • [ SOLAR POWER & USB CHARGING ] Built-in 1 rechargeable lithium polymer battery, controlled by sunlight based board on top in the sun or charge by smaller scale USB. Once charged 48+ hours assurance against cockroach, creepy crawly, subterranean insect, mosquito, mouse, blood suckers and fles bites.
  • [ CONVENIENT TO USE ] Home utilize, outdoors, chasing, mountaineering, running, climbing, voyaging, angling, flame broiling, cultivating, picnics, playing golf, and even basic grill cook-outs keep bothers away.

It is a various and proficient convenient ultrasonic bug repeller, ensure you and your family inside and outside! It works day and night to repulse mosquitoes, mice, rats, cockroaches, creepy crawlies and ants far from your campground, excursion region or yard. sunlight based charger and inherent compass are for your outside exercises accommodation

Application Area

The ultrasonic vermin repeller can’t just be utilized as a part of house yet in addition in outside like outdoors, chasing, mountaineering, running, climbing, voyaging, angling, flame broiling, planting, picnics, hitting the fairway, and even straightforward grill cook-outs

Working standard & Safty to human

The gadget mimics mosquito, subterranean insect, arachnid, skunk and rodents by creating a scope of “sound-wave” and a scope of ultrasound waves, in order to accomplish the impact of repelling.According to the logical research, the female mosquito acquire their lay period, and they in the interim aversion the approach of male mosquito. so this repeller produces the recurrence of the male mosquito to repulse the female mosquito away, and this physical rule ensures no mischief to any human, creature or natural contamination.

Easy and safe to Use

– Press the compass, when the work blue light flashes, it begins to work, at that point press the compass by and by, the work light stop. at that point it will quit working.

– Charge with small scale port link for 3 hours, red light glimmer charging, swing to green means charge prepared

– Unlike bug splashes and creams, the repeller needn’t bother with consistent reapplication and there’s no danger of hypersensitive responses.

Works For

  • ✔ Mosquitoes
  • ✔ Ants
  • ✔ Mice
  • ✔ Spiders
  • ✔ Cockroaches
  • ✔ Rodents

Package Contents

  • – 1 Solar irritation repeller
  • – 1 USB date link
  • – 1 Carabiner cut
  • – 1 Instruction


  • Info Voltage: 5V
  • Rate control: 2W
  • Battery Capacity: 300mA
  • work time: 48+h
  • Recurrence: 24~74KHz
  • Compelling Area: 40~60 SQF
  • Measure: 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.0 IN
Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 0.7 cm











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