SnoFlock The Original Premium Artificial Decorative Self-Adhesive Snow Flock Powder with Ice Flakes | PRO. Grade | Artificial Christmas Tree Snow (Pure White, 5 Pounds [2.27Kg]). 

  • SELF-ADHESIVE FLOCLOC TECHNOLOGY: SnoFlock currently includes our new FlocLoc SnoAdhesive innovation. Following quite a while of details, our new specific equation currently makes a more tightly interlocking bond between the individual strands of SnoFlock. This outcomes in a higher grip both inside the SnoFlock and at first glance it has been connected to, loaning to a sturdy yet unfathomably similar appearance.
  • TRUSTED FORMULA: SnoFlock has been the most well known brand of retail Snow Flocking Powder for more than 6 years. Included in more than 40 Blogs, Home Design Videos, and Designer Reviews. Seasons Reflection remains behind SnoFlock, so if there is ever an issue, you can generally depend on us to be there.
  • ADMIRED AROUND THE WORLD: From Japan to Australia, SnoFlock stays to be the most confided in brand-even over the globe. Included in online distributions spreading over from Mexico to the Netherlands.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE FORMULA: Our SnoFlock is particularly defined to demanding norms for expanded toughness and flawless surface. However, SnoFlock is essentially connected with water. Nitty gritty guidelines are incorporated into each order.
  • LIFE LIKE, FRESHLY FALLEN SNOW LOOK: Simply unmatched by canned snow splashes or free snowflakes. SnoFlock likewise goes far; our 5lb Box can cover a standard seven-foot Christmas tree to an overwhelming, snowstorm white appearance.

When trade off essentially isn’t a choice, there’s SnoFlock Premium.

Seasons Reflections’ Premium SnoFlock is a Professional Grade recipe made with the most astounding quality filaments, covers, whiteners, and glues in the business. SnoFlock Premium is a bona fide Flocking material; no requirement for any extra pastes or claim to fame gear!

Our SnoFlock Premium contains our FlocLoc SnoAdhesive innovation, so it’s ideal for counterfeit Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Garlands, and so on. Our light bit of IceFlakes add an extra component to our SnoFlock, impersonating the shining shimmer of ice. Whenever connected, SnoFlock includes an incredibly excellent, unmatchable practical snow surface to any occasion beautification.

SnoFlock is exceptionally easy to apply!** Just adhere to the straightforward directions included with your request!

A 8 foot Christmas Tree with Medium to Heavy Snow Density would require 3-5 pounds of SnoFlock. Visit Seasons Reflection for more data.


Ultra Pure White

Self-Adhesive with FlocLoc SnoAdhesive

Emulates Real, Freshly Fallen Snow

The Premixed IceFlakes Sparkle Like Ice

Ecologically Safe & Biodegradable*



Veritable, SnoFlock PREMIUM Powder

IceFlakes (Pre-Mixed)

Application Instruction Brochure

Boundless Online Assistance

(*) Please get in touch with us for extra points of interest. Sensitivity Notice: Manufactured with Cotton, Tree, Corn, Mineral Products.

Weight 5.65 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7.9 × 5.5 cm

Pure White






Seasons Reflection










5 Pounds (2.27Kg)


Seasons Reflection


Note: genuine snoflock offered only by seasons reflection. Claims or guarantees expressed here are under the discretion of seasons reflection and only apply the the original product sold by that merchant. Please take note when ordering. Allergy notice: dust masks are recommended when applying snoflock. This product is made from natural, non-toxic ingredients; however, individuals who are allergic to trees or corn should take extra precaution, or completely refrain from, handling this product. This product contains: tree, cotton, and corn products. *if flocking a fresh cut christmas tree, the flocking may be composted or recycled along with the tree with virtually no environmental impact. Please note that some recycling agencies refrain from accepting flocked christmas trees due to the fact that there are other flocks in the industry which aren't biodegradable. *this product is formulated to last for an average of five – 60 day, christmas seasons when applied, stored, and maintained properly. Up to 30% loss due to moving, storing, or reshaping branches is normal. Due to the nature of this product, seasons reflection does not implicate any guarantee towards this products durability. **necessary items for application include, but not limited to: kitchen sifter/ strainer, spray bottle with mist attachment.


Seasons Reflection


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